Ashiesh Roy

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Ashiesh Roy
Native name आशीष रॉय (Hindi)
Born (1965-05-18) 18 May 1965 (age 52)[1]
Residence India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Actor
Voice actor
Years active 1997–present

Ashiesh Roy (born 18 May 1965)[2][3][4] is an Indian television and film actor.[5][6][7][8][9]



Dubbing career and roles[edit]

Ashiesh Roy is also a voice actor who has been dubbing for foreign films.[17]

Live action films[edit]

Film title Actor Character Dub Language Original Language Original Year Release Dub Year Release Notes
The Dark Knight[18] Heath Ledger The Joker Hindi English 2008 2008
Man of Steel Michael Shannon General Zod Hindi English 2013 2013 Performed with Urvi Ashar who voiced Amy Adams as Louis Lane, Shakti Singh who voiced Russell Crowe as Jor-El in Hindi.
Superman Returns Kevin Spacey Lex Luthor Hindi English 2006 2006 Performed with Damandeep Singh Baggan who voiced Brandon Routh as Clark Kent / Superman in Hindi.
Guardians of the Galaxy Bradley Cooper Rocket Hindi English 2014 2014
RoboCop (2014 film) Gary Oldman Dr. Dennett Norton Hindi English 2014 2014 Performed with Samay Raj Thakkar who voiced Michael Keaton as Raymond Sellers, Pawan Kalra who voiced Joel Kinnaman as Alex Murphy/Robocop, Vinod Kulkarni who voiced Patrick Garrow as Antoine Vallon, Mayur Vyas who voiced Michael K. Williams as Jack Lewis, Manish Wadhwa who voiced Jackie Earle Haley as Rick Mattox, Amar Babaria who voiced K.C. Collins as Andre Daniels in Hindi.
The Legend of Tarzan (film) Christoph Waltz Captain Léon Rom Hindi English 2016 2016 Performed alongside with Sanket Mhatre who voiced Alexander Skarsgård as Tarzan / John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke in Hindi version.

Animated films[edit]

Film title Original Voice Character Dub Language Original Language Original Year Release Dub Year Release Notes
Bolt[citation needed] James Lipton The Director Hindi English 2008 2008


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