Ashig Garib (opera)

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A scene from Ashig Garib

Ashig Garib (Azerbaijani: Aşıq Qərib) – is the first opera written by Azerbaijani composer Zulfugar Hajibeyov, in 1916, based on motifs of a dastan of the same name.[1] The opera was staged in Baku, in the theater of Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev, for the first time.

Actors and singers such as Huseyngulu Sarabski, Huseynagha Hajibababeyov [2] and others performed main parts of “Ashig Garib” opera. Ahmad Badalbayli, famed as Ahmed Agdamski,[3] Rubaba Muradova[4] and other actors acted the part of Shahsenem, Garib’s beloved, at that times.


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