Ashigara Pass

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Ashigara Pass
Fuji from ashigara.jpg
Mount Fuji view from Ashigara Pass
Elevation 759 m (2,490 ft)
Traversed by Kanagawa / Shizuoka Prefecturel Route 78
Location Minami-ashigara, Oyama, Japan
Range Mount Kintoki
Coordinates 35°19′10.8″N 139°0′43.7″E / 35.319667°N 139.012139°E / 35.319667; 139.012139Coordinates: 35°19′10.8″N 139°0′43.7″E / 35.319667°N 139.012139°E / 35.319667; 139.012139
Topo map Geographical Survey Institute
25000:1 関本

Ashigara Pass (足柄峠, Ashigara-tōge) is a mountain pass on the border of Kanagawa and Shizuoka Prefectures, near to Mount Kintoki in Japan. The pass traverses the mountains at 759 metres (2,490 ft).[1]


The pass on the ancient Tōkaidō highway was described as the 8th century, in the Man'yōshū. This pass was the border of Sagami and Suruga provinces, and the entrance of Kantō region in Japan. Checkpoint was built in 899, and castle was built in the 16th century (These are not exist now).


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