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Ashkal Alwan, The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts is an association promoting and producing contemporary art practices in Lebanon.


Ashkal Alwan was founded in 1994 by Christine Tohmé (Curator), Marwan Rechmaoui (Artist), Rania Tabbara (Graphic Designer and Interior Designer), Mustapha Yamout (Cultural Events Organizer) and Leila Mroueh (Communications Director).[1] Ashkal Alwan (in Arabic: forms and colors) was created in the aftermath of the Lebanese war. It is nowadays an informal and alternative platform that helps a new generation of Lebanese artists to produce and exhibit their artwork.[2]

Building a large network of local and international partner institutions,[3] Ashkal Alwan became a major and influential actor on the regional art scene, exhibiting the work of local and international artists such as Jalal Toufic, Akram Zaatari, Lamia Joreige, Walid Raad, Rabih Mroué and many others. Its director, Christine Tohmé, is ranked among the 100 most powerful people in the art world.[4]

Since its creation, Ashkal Alwan developed cultural projects in public spaces, in Lebanon and abroad. From 2002 onwards, Home Works Forum became the association's major regular event, hosting exhibitions, performances and talks.

In 2011, Ashkal Alwan inaugurated the Home Workspace in a former industrial building neighboring Beirut Art Center. The venue hosts cultural events and the Home Workspace Program, a 10 months educational program run under the direction of a different resident professor. The 2011-2012 inauguration year was under the direction of Emily Jacir.[5] Matthias Lilienthal is in charge of the 2012-2013 session.[6]

Public Events[edit]


  • Home Works 6


  • Video Works 2011


  • Home Works 5


  • Video Works 2009


  • Home Works IV


  • Video Avril
  • Meeting Points 5 Festival


  • Home Works III


  • Home Works II


  • Home Works I


  • Hamra Street Festival


  • Corniche Project


  • Sioufi Garden Project


  • Sanayeh Garden Project


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