Ashland Town Center

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Ashland Town Center
Location Ashland, Kentucky, United States
Coordinates 38°29′1″N 82°39′12″W / 38.48361°N 82.65333°W / 38.48361; -82.65333Coordinates: 38°29′1″N 82°39′12″W / 38.48361°N 82.65333°W / 38.48361; -82.65333
Opening date 1989
Developer Glimcher Realty Trust
Edward J. DeBartolo
Crown American
Owner WP Glimcher
No. of stores and services 73[1]
No. of anchor tenants 4
Total retail floor area 420,820 square feet (39,095.5 m2) (GLA)[2]
No. of floors 1

Ashland Town Center is an enclosed shopping mall located in the city of Ashland, Kentucky, United States. One of two malls serving the city, it is located on U.S. Highway 23 near downtown Ashland. The mall features more than seventy retailers and restaurants, as well as a food court. Current anchor stores are JCPenney, Belk Men and Home, Belk Women and Kid's and TJ Maxx. The mall is managed by WP Glimcher.


Ashland Town Center was developed in 1988 as a joint venture of Glimcher Realty Trust (the mall's owner), along with Edward J. Debartolo Corporation (now part of Simon Property Group) and Crown American.[3] The mall opened in 1989 with Wal-Mart, JCPenney, and Hess's as its original anchor stores;[3] Goody's was later added as a fourth anchor. Throughout the 1990s, Ashland Town Center went largely unchanged. In 1993, the Hess's chain sold several of its locations to Alcoa, Tennessee-based Proffitt's, which in turn sold its stores to Belk in 2006.

Mid-2000s renovations[edit]

In 2005, the Wal-Mart anchor was vacated when Wal-Mart relocated to a new Supercenter outside the mall itself. The former Wal-Mart space was then demolished in early 2008 for a newer JCPenney store.[4] Construction on this new store, one of three JCPenney prototype stores in the U.S., began soon afterward.[4] Opened in August 2008, the store is twice the size of the former location, and the largest department store in the state of Kentucky.[5] The existing JCPenney store was vacated,[4] with half of it becoming a Belk Men and Home Store in 2009.[6] This store replaced a Belk Men's Store in the Belk wing, which became a relocated Hibbett Sports in late 2009.[6]

In addition to the relocation of JCPenney, Ashland Town Center went through further renovations in 2008 and 2009. The food court was downsized to make room for new retail space, a family restroom was created and the Men's and Women's restrooms were both remodeled.[4][7] Additional mall tenants were also relocated to create more space in the JCPenney corridor.[8] A Cheddar's Casual Café was also constructed in the parking lot near JCPenney.

In 2010, TJ Maxx replaced Goody's as an anchor store and Rax, Panera Bread and The Children's Place also opened new stores in the mall.[6][6]


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