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Ashley Dawson
Born Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Nationality South African
Fields Cultural studies, Environmental Humanities, Postcolonial Studies
Alma mater University of the South
Influences Frankfurt School,Marx, Said, McClintock, Rob Nixon, David Harvey, Neil Smith, Stuart Hall, Gilroy, Raymond Williams, Audre Lorde, Butler, Hazel Carby

Ashley Dawson is an author, activist and professor of English at the CUNY Graduate Center, and at College of Staten Island, at City University of New York. Dawson specializes in post-colonial studies and environmental humanities with particular interests in histories and discourses of migration.[1] Since 2004 Dawson has been a contributing member of the Social Text collective. [2] As of September 26, 2012, by appointment of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) Dawson has been the editor Journal of Academic Freedom.[3] Dawson is part of the organizing collective of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.[4]


Dawson received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the South, his Masters from the University of Virginia and his PhD from Columbia University.[5]

Life and Work[edit]

Dawson's books include Mongrel Nation [6] and The Routledge Concise History of Twentieth-Century British Literature.[7] Dawson has published articles in the following journals: African Studies Review, Atlantic Studies, Cultural Critique, Interventions, Jouvert, Postcolonial Studies, Postmodern Culture, Screen, Small Axe, and Social Text.[5]




Edited Volumes[edit]

Articles and Reviews[edit]

  • New World Disorder: Black Hawk Down and the Eclipse of U.S. Military Humanism in Africa, African Studies Review 54.2 (September 2011), 177-194.

New Enclosures, New Formations 69 (Autumn 2010).

  • Cargo Culture: Literature in an Age of Mass Displacement, Women’s Studies Quarterly 38.1/2 (Spring/Summer 2010).
  • Calypso Culture and Anti-Colonial Nationalism in the Caribbean, Journal of Popular Music (forthcoming).
  • Academic Freedom and the Digital Revolution in Publishing, The AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom (2010).
  • Climate Justice, South Atlantic Quarterly (Spring 2010).
  • Environment, Social Text 100 (Fall 2009).
  • The People You Don’t See: Immigration and Gender in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane, ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature 40.1 (January 2009).
  • Surplus City: Self-Fashioning, Structural Adjustment, and Urban Insurrection in Chris Abani’s Graceland, Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies 11.1 (2009).
  • The Rise of the Black Internationale: Anti-Imperialist Activism and Aesthetics in Britain during the 1930s, Atlantic Studies (2009).
  • MOUT Camp: The U.S. Military Prepares for a Century of Urban Warfare, Social Text (Summer 2007).
  • Another University Is Possible: Academic Labor, the Ideology of Scarcity, and the Fight for Workplace Democracy, Workplace (Spring 2007).
  • Greening the Campus: Politics and Pedagogy of the Student Environmental Movement, Radical Teacher (March 2007).
  • Crisis at Columbia: Area Studies, Academic Freedom, and Contingent Labor in the Contemporary Academy, Social Text 90 (Summer 2007).
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson’s Dub Poetry and the Political Aesthetics of Carnival, Small Axe 21 (2006).
  • The Return of Limits: Peak Oil and the Fate of American Suburbia,” New Politics 11.2 (Fall 2006).
  • ‘Love Music, Hate Racism’: The Cultural Politics of the Rock Against Racism Campaigns, 1976-1981,” Postmodern Culture, 16.1 (September 2005).
  • Documenting the Trauma of Apartheid: Long Night’s Journey into Day and South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Screen 46.4 (Winter 2005).
  • Bollywood Flashback: South Asian Music and British Youth Culture, South Asian Popular Culture 3.2 (October 2005).


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