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Ashley John Barsley Hunter (1854-1932) was a New Zealand engineer, artist, photographer and cartoonist.[1] Although principally employed as an engineer, he was one of the founders of the New Zealand Graphic and Ladies Journal (initially published as the Auckland Graphic) in 1877.[2] His cartoons appeared in the Graphic throughout the 1880s and 1890s, often appearing as full-page images on the front cover.[3][4]


Hunter was born in England and moved to New Zealand in 1871 with some of his family.[5] He married Eliza Jane Halyday in 1878 and died in Auckland in 1932.[2]

After initially working as a photographer on arrival in New Zealand, he was appointed as an engineering cadet in the Public Works Department in Wellington in 1872.[1][6] He continued to work for the Public Works Department until 1882 when he went into private practice in partnership with James Stewart.[6] He was an engineer for the Westport Coal Company (from 1894-1897), the Paparoa Coal Company (1906-1910), the Waipa Coal Company and the Westport Stockton Coal Company (1910-1913). In 1918, he was responsible for laying out the Glen Afton Coal Mine and the Huntly Branch Railway.[6]

He was a member of the UK Institution of Civil Engineers and President of the New Zealand Society of Civil Engineers from 1922 to 1923.[6]

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