Ashley Isham

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Ashley Isham
Born Eshamuddin Ismail
Nationality Singaporean
Education Middlesex University
Occupation Fashion designer
Labels Ashley Isham

Ashley Isham (born Eshamuddin Ismail in Singapore in 1976) is a fashion designer. He is currently based in London.

Ashley left Singapore in 1996 to take a pattern cutting course at the London College of Fashion, and was later accepted into Middlesex University afterwards, but left before completing his degree.[citation needed]

He set up his own label "Ashley Isham" in 2000.[1] In 2001, he also opened a boutique called Acquaint, hoping to "promote fashion talent and support other young designers", quoted from his website. He first attracted media attention as the designer of the outfit worn by Zara Phillips at Royal Ascot in 2002,[2] and rose to international fame after showing his Autumn/Winter 2003 collection during the London Fashion Week.[3][4] Following this, he opened his flagship boutique, Ashley, in 2005.[5]


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