Ashley Reservoir

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Ashley Reservoir
Picture of Ashley Reservoir.png
Official nameAshley Reservoir
CountryUnited States of America
LocationHolyoke, Massachusetts
PurposeDrinking water supply
Opening date1873
Owner(s)City of Holyoke
Operator(s)Holyoke Water Works
CreatesAshley Pond, Wright Pond
Total capacity795 million gallons
Catchment area1,261 acres
Surface area1,320 acres
Maximum length640 feet
Maximum water depth12 feet

Ashley Reservoir, a Class II hazard reservoir, is the secondary drinking supply for the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts. The reservoir, consisting of Wright Pond and Ashley Pond, has an impound capacity of more than 795 million gallons of water and a safe yield of 2.1 million gallons of water per day.

The reservoir's construction finished and it became fully operational in 1897.[1] Ashley Reservoir is connected to a smaller reservoir McLean Reservoir, named after Holyoke Water Works Commissioner Hugh McLean, through a water-pumping plant that is operated by the Holyoke Water Works.[2] The reservoir has a surrounding gravel road open to civilian recreational use.[3]


The reservoir is home to populations of bears, deer, geese, ducks, beavers, and many other animal species.

Watershed public access and recreation[edit]

In order to protect the water supply from the threats from unrestricted motorized vehicle use, most areas around the reservoir are publicly accessible only by foot, with limited parking available at some of the surrounding gates.

Fishing is not allowed in the reservoir to protect aquatic invasive species.

Regulations designed to ensure pure water include the prohibiting of Dogs, horseback riding, camping, smoking, sledding and motorcycle riding are among prohibited activities from the reservoir and abutting property. Pedestrians are allowed on the paths and roads around the reservoir but the scenic expanse that contains a drinking water supply limits activities. [4]

External Links[edit]

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Coordinates: 42°10′30″N 72°39′40″W / 42.175°N 72.661°W / 42.175; -72.661