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Ashly Audio, Inc.
Industry Professional audio
Genre Audio equipment
Founded United States (1974)
Founder Bill Thompson, Dave Malloy
Headquarters Webster, NY
Area served
Key people
Bill Thompson Co-founder, Dave Malloy Co-founder
Products Audio equipment

Ashly Audio is an American audio equipment company founded by Bill Thompson and Dave Malloy in 1974.[1] Ashly produces over 40 products, including amplifiers, mixers, equalizers, digital and analog audio processors, for the recording and live sound industries.[1][2]



Ashly Audio, Inc. was started as a live sound reinforcement company until the founders began producing their own equipment. The company was named after a founder, Larry Ashley, who did not continue with the company into their era of equipment production when they became a corporation in 1974.[2]

Demand for the components used in Ashly's mixers caused the company to develop their equipment in a modular fashion. Their first successful product came in 1976, when they developed the SC-66 stereo parametric equalizer. It was a hit and Ashly changed their focus as a company toward developing modular rack gear.

1977- now[edit]

Ashly developed power amplifiers using MOS-FET technology.[1] Their amplifiers were the first to be approved by Lucasfilms for THX certified movie theater sound systems. Later developments included the Ashly Protea and multichannel power amplifiers.[1][3]

In 2008, Ashly Audio was sold to the Canadian audio distribution company JAM Industries.[1][2]


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