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Indian Army Ashok Leyland Stallion 4x4 Truck in the Himalayas.

The Stallion range of trucks is produced by Ashok Leyland Defence Systems (ALDS) for the Indian Armed Forces.


VFJ Stallion Mk III
Stallion-based Kavach armored personnel carrier

The Stallion is a medium-duty defence vehicle of the Indian Army with multiple logistical and tactical applications. The Stallion 4x4 and Stallion 6x6 are operational on varied terrains, from coastal operations to high-altitude bases, from deserts to snow-covered mountainous regions, at altitudes up to 5500 metres and temperatures ranging from −35 °C to 55 °C.

The Stallion forms the logistical backbone of the Indian Armed Forces, with over 60,000 Stallions used by the Indian Army.[1] Stallions in a wide range of configurations were in active service with the Indian Army as of 2010. The Stallions have replaced the erstwhile workhorses of the Armed Forces, the Shaktiman trucks, which are now being phased out.


Super Stallion

The Super Stallion is an uprated version of the Stallion. The 6x6 is rated at 10 tonnes while the 8x8 is rated at 12 tonnes.[2] [3]

Stallion Kavach

Ashok Leyland has developed an armored personnel carrier of the 4x4 Stallion.

Field Artillery Tractor

A variant developed for towing heavy artillery guns on 6×6 platform.


The Stallion is manufactured by the Ashok Leyland Defence Systems. It is also assembled by the Vehicle Factory Jabalpur, (VFJ) of Ordnance Factories Board, with most components being supplied by Ashok Leyland.

The Stallion is designed for reliability, high mobility, off-road tactical capabilities and protection. It is built for use in harsh environments and for easy maintenance in regions where supporting infrastructure may be missing.[4]

Ashok leyland defence systems (ALDS) provides a complete package to customers along with options such as Fleet Management System, maintenance kits, training packages, electronic publications along with global warehouse support.

Vehicle configurations[edit]

The Stallion range offers various driveline configurations and standard bodies for each configuration. All base variants are available in right hand drive or left hand drive, manual or automatic transmission and armored or non-armored cabins. Ashok Leyland Defence also offers Stallion kits to various manufacturers who sell armoured vehicles and Mine Protected Vehicles (MPV).

The standard troop carrying/cargo-type platform body is fitted with steel drop sides, a single-piece drop tailgate, and a removable tarpaulin and bows.[5] An optional feature includes a torsion-free body.

The Stallion chassis has been adapted into a wide range of variants, including: Troop Carrier with Armoured Cab, Troop Carrier, Troop Carrier with Crane, Fuel Bowser, Water Bowser, Recovery Vehicle, ISO Container / Twist Locks, Fire Fighting Trucks, Tipper, MPV Kits.[4][6]



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