Ashraf Abu Issa

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Ashraf Abu Issa
Born Ashraf Abu Issa
(1967-11-23) November 23, 1967 (age 47)
Doha, Qatar
Nationality Qatari
Occupation Businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist

Ashraf Abu-Issa[1] (born 23 November 1967) is a Qatari businessman and the Chairman of Abuissa Holding. He was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year[2] for 2011. He serves on the Board as Endowment Manager of PCRF,[3] a children's relief organization, and is the co-founder of INJAZ Qatar,[4] a non-profit organization aimed at inspiring youth to succeed in the global economy.


Ashraf Abu Issa holds a Bachelor of Arts from the American University of London and is certified by the Business School of Harvard for the owner/President Management Program, USA.


Ashraf Abu Issa took over the family business when he was 19 years old, after his father died. The company started with retail operations at a small scale. Today, it has grown to more than 120 stores with more than 2,000 employees. Working together with his brother Nabil Abu Issa, Ashraf has created his own retail concept stores such as Blue Salon, Highland, Momento, Karisma, Mosafer, and Arabesque. He has also diversified the group's activities by partnering and offering consultation services to large multinational companies seeking to promote business in Qatar in the areas of energy, infrastructure, construction, utilities and event management.


The legacy of Ashraf Abu Issa's father, Abdul Raheem Abu Issa, has been demonstrated in the company's vision from which they have evolved as one of the largest segments within the retail market in the Middle East. With a portfolio comprising over 200 brand names built across three decades, Abuissa Holding is currently one of the leading business groups with the largest square foot area in Qatar today.[citation needed]


  • Operation of over 100 retail outlets, businesses and services
  • Blue Salon[5] was established in 1981 as a stand-alone department store and is the region’s top retailer composed of the largest brand portfolio of upscale, high-end fashion goods, watches, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, home decoration and luggage.
  • Highland,[6] founded in 1997, was Qatar’s largest and only department store at the time and has now expanded to two shopping centers.
  • Owner of Techno Blue,[7] the exclusive distributor of Samsung and Fujifilm
  • Abu Issa Marketing & Distribution[8] – a major distributor in charge of mass distribution operations such as Nivea, Ulker Denim, Brut, Versace, UDV, Rasasi, Sapi, Milto Lloyd, Jacques Bogart, Bega, Post, Durukan, Prestige, American Tourister, Citizen, Rhythm, Thermos, Gummo and Zojurishi.

Concepts and brands[edit]

The fruit of Issa's experience continues to grow as a benchmark in the local market and his continuous contribution to the brand expansion within the gulf region is evident in the company's mission and vision.[citation needed]

  • Karisma Cosmetics[9] – Targeting young adults and the youth, 2002
  • e-Pro[10] – Hardware and software solutions, 2007
  • Momento[11] – Fashion watches and jewelry, 2009
  • Mosafer[12] – Travel goods, 2010
  • Gold Gourmet[13] – Chocolates and confectionary, 2010
  • Arabesq[14] – Arabic sweets and gifts, 2011
  • Toys4Me[15] – Children’s toy store, 2011
  • Bissan Gallery[16] – Art related services, 2011


Striving to continuously challenge themselves and dynamically grow their businesses, both internally and through world-class partnerships, Abuissa Holding is poised to set the highest standards of excellence and governance within the region.[citation needed] Strategic alliances have been forged with established names in the industry that also enjoy credible reputation,distinction and high international standards.

  • Paris Gallery and Gulf Beauty,[17] Emirates – luxury retail chain and distribution that houses international brands
  • Al Shaya Trading Kuwait[18] – Oriental perfumes
  • Founder and co-partner with QTEL for Starlink,[19] an international telecom company leading in communications, media and TV that plans to expand into the Middle East

Regional expansion[edit]

Abuissa Holding plans to expand as a result of the increasing global retail development index in the GCC region:

  • KSA – The company has 10 newly opened stores throughout the Kingdom[clarification needed] under the Saudi Abu Issa and Abu Issa International company. They are both original concept outlets and franchise outlets.
  • UAE, Dubai – The company has four original store concepts under Abu Issa Brothers and RRMD – Regional distribution
  • BahrainFujifilm, Godiva and Samsonite operates under Abu Issa Brothers Trading Company. Regional Expansions has been achieved through a network of banners across the region that include Saudi Abu Issa W.L.L and Abu Issa international W.L.L in KSA, Abu Issa Trading in Dubai, UAE and Abu Issa Brothers Trading in Bahrain.

Public sector related businesses[edit]

Abu Issa Holding is one of Qatar’s most diversified and progressive business groups, with a solid capacity in controlling and operating market leading companies in various sectors including retail, distribution, telecommunications, IT, energy and engineering, investments, real estate and other market operations.[citation needed]

  • UNIGAZ[20] – GDF Suez energy[21] - specialized Gas Services
  • Jalmat Qatar[22] – specialized in the supply of shoring, formwork and safety materials
  • Auditoire[23] – Worldwide Event Agency
  • Abu Issa Consulting[24] – leading strategy, process and technology firm
  • FTC Qatar[25] – Service Provider of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Services, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning Management
  • United Electromechanical[26] – Qatar leading electromechanical contracting company
  • Alpine Bau GmbH[27] – World Leader in Contractors from Austria
  • Vamed AG[28] – Project management, planning, consulting and contracting for hospitals,senior residences, spas, thermal centers, and medical facilities
  • Waagner-Biro[29] – Austrian civil engineering firm specialized in bridge engineering, steel-glass structures, stage systems, infrastructure, and industrial machinery
  • Frog AGV systems[30] – Developer & Producer of Automated Guided Vehicle Systems and navigation
  • Eurosport[31] – Regional representatives of entertainment group in Europe across all media based platforms
  • Orient consulting[32] – Planning, designing and management of infrastructure and social development

Social responsibilities[edit]

  • In addition to serving on the board of INJAZ[33] Qatar, Ashraf Abu Issa is also the Founding Member of YPO Qatar;[34] and a board member of PCRF.[35]
  • Ashraf Abu Issa is a sports enthusiast, keenly interested in the field of basketball. He has won several championships in the past and is currently a sponsor for one of the leading Qatari basketball teams, the “Al Sadd Basketball club”. He also heads the marketing committee at the Qatar Basketball Federation[36] (Qatar Basketball Federation).


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