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Ashraf Shad (Urdu: اشرف شاد‎) is a Pakistani writer, poet and journalist.[1] Ashraf was born in Moradabad, India, and migrated first to Pakistan after the Partition of India, and then to Australia in 1989. He has also lived in the United States, Hungary, Bahrain and Kuwait.[2]


  • Problems of Reporting the Developing World: A case study of New York Time’s reporting on China (1992).
  • Nisab, poetry collection (1996).
  • Bewatan,[3] a novel that won an award for the best novel in Pakistan (1997).
  • Wazir-e-Azam,[4] (The Prime Minister), political fiction (1999).
  • Bewatan, a Hindi translation published in India (2001).
  • Shora-e-Australia (Urdu Poets of Australia), poetry compilation (2001).
  • Aa Merey Qareeb Aa (Come close to me), poetry collection, (2003).
  • Sadre Mohtaram,[5] (The President) (2004).
  • Peeli Lakeer (The yellow line), short story collection (2011).


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