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Asia's Got Talent
Season 2
Broadcast fromOctober 12 –
December 14, 2017
David Foster
Jay Park
Host(s)Alan Wong
Justin Bratton
BroadcasterAXN Asia
The Sacred Riana
Origin Indonesia
DM-X Comvaleñoz

The second season of Asia's Got Talent (AGT) premiered on October 12, 2017 at 8:30 pm (UTC+8)[1][2] across 27 countries in Asia.[3] The winning act will receive a grand prize of US$100,000.[3]

The show is hosted by Alan Wong and Justin Bratton, replacing Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez. David Foster and Anggun returned as judges, while Melanie C and Vanness Wu are replaced by Jay Park.[4][5]

This show's official sponsor for this season is Traveloka.[6]

Indonesian spooky magician, The Sacred Riana was declared as the second season winner.[7]


Open auditions[edit]

The open auditions for the second season took place in key cities in Asia. Open auditions were held in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia. The open auditions were judged by Asia's Got Talent producers. Auditionees were also allowed to submit their audition videos online via the show's official website. Those who passed will proceed to the live judges' auditions.

Date of Open Audition Open Audition Venue City Ref.
April 10 – June 8, 2017 Online Auditions [8][9]
May 14, 2017 Marina Bay Sands Downtown Core, Singapore [10]
May 20, 2017 Sunway City Selangor, Malaysia [11]
May 21, 2017 Quezon City Experience Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines [12]
May 27, 2017 Syntrend Creative Park Taipei, Taiwan [13]
May 28, 2017 Kasem Bundit University Bangkok, Thailand [14]
June 3, 2017 Wisma Serbaguna Senayan Jakarta, Indonesia [15]

Judges' auditions[edit]

The judges' auditions were taped from July 28, 2017 at the Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios in Johor, Malaysia like the first season.[4]

This is the first season of the show to have three judges instead of four. This is also the first season where the hosts (as one) get an opportunity to press the golden buzzer.

The judges' auditions once again feature the Golden Buzzer. Each judge would have one chance to use the Golden Buzzer. New for this season, apart from the judges, the hosts (as one) get an opportunity to press the golden buzzer. The so-called Golden Acts, those on whom the Golden Buzzer is used, would automatically advance to the semifinals. Jay Park pressed his golden buzzer for Kyrgyz contortionist dance group, ADEM Dance Crew on the premiere episode. It was followed by Anggun who pressed the buzzer on the second episode for the Japanese comedic magician, Akira Kimura. Alan Wong and Justin Bratton would then use the golden buzzer together on Mongolian digital dancer, Canion Shijirbat. Finally, David Foster used the last golden buzzer on Taiwanese electric ukuleleist, Feng E.

Below are the acts who are confirmed within the show to have received at least two Yes votes and thus had successfully passed their auditions, as well as the Golden Acts. The list does not cover everyone who had passed. Due to time constraints, some acts, named or otherwise, are seen with their fates partially known (only one known Yes vote) or edited out completely from broadcast and are thus not listed.


The deliberation round was also held at the Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios in Johor, Malaysia, as opposed to the previous season where it was held at the Marina Bay Sands. It was shown at end of the final auditions episode on November 9, 2017. During the entire auditions, 99 acts received at least 2 yeses from the judges. The judges then chose the 20 remaining acts who would compete in semi-finals. The four Golden Acts and the judges' picks would bring the total number of semifinalists to 24. The first eight semifinalists was announced after the deliberation round, with the others to be revealed gradually as the semifinal rounds progress.

The semifinal rounds were also taped at the same studio as the judges' auditions. In the previous season, it was held at the Marina Bay Sands.

For the first time in Got Talent franchise history, this season makes use of completely online voting methods.[16] The audience may vote through hashtags on Facebook, Messenger, and Google search.[17] A maximum of 10 votes per method per day is implemented.

  • Each act is assigned an official unique voting hashtag during the semifinal. The viewer must create Facebook post with the hashtag of the act. Comments on third party Facebook pages are also counted. A post or comment with more than one official hashtag (whether the same or different) renders the vote invalid.
  • The viewer must search for Asia's Got Talent on Facebook Messenger. A photo carousel will appear with the pictures of the week's semifinalists. Click the picture to vote.
Google Search
  • The user must have a Google account first. The phrase "Asia's Got Talent vote" must be typed on the search box. The photos of the week's acts will appear. Click the photo to choose the act. The slider on the right assigns 1 to 10 votes for that act.

This season of Asia's Got Talent uses a completely online voting, as compared to other Got Talent franchises where SMS votes are available. The revelation of results is slightly different, being revealed in the following week rather than the next night (as semifinal rounds are only once weekly, barring replays). The Golden Buzzer last season was replaced by the Judges' Pick, although its mechanics is the same where the judges would come to a unanimous decision to send one act straight to the finals. This is similar to the Judges' Choice in the other local franchises, albeit one ahead of the vote rather than after and based on the vote. Aside from the Judges' Pick, the two acts with the most public votes would also advance to the finals. There would thus be a total of nine finalists emerging from the three semifinal rounds.

Ages listed are as of the time of the auditions. In the case of group acts, the age ranges only accounted for the members present at the auditions. The age(s) of any additional member(s) who only appeared in the semifinal may or may not be within the range designated.

Name of act Age(s) Genre Act Hometown Semifinal Week Result
The Sacred Riana 25 Magic Spooky magician  Indonesia 2 Winner
DM-X Comvaleñoz Crystal Clear action bookmark.png 19–28 Dance Hiphop dance group  Philippines 2 Runner-up
Neil Rey Garcia Llanes 21 Music Beatboxer  Philippines 1 Third place
Canion Shijirbat Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 26 Dance Digital dancer  Mongolia 1 Fourth Place
ADEM Dance Crew Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 16–23 Dance Contortionist dance group  Kyrgyzstan 2 Middle two
Sobhi Shaker 24 Magic Magician  Malaysia[Note 2]
( Syria)
3 Middle two
Angela July Crystal Clear action bookmark.png 30 Singing Singer/Harpist  Indonesia 1 Bottom three
Feng E Yellow ffff00 pog.svg Crystal Clear action bookmark.png 10 Music Electric ukuleleist  Taiwan 3 Bottom three
Urban Crew 22–28 Dance Hiphop dance group  Philippines 3 Bottom three
218 Dance Crew 20–31 Dance/Novelty Tron dance group  Vietnam 2 Eliminated
Akira Kimura Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 36 Magic Comic magician  Japan[Note 1] 3 Eliminated
Andrew Lee 31 Magic Magician/Mentalist  Malaysia 1 Eliminated
Deniel Sarmiento 17 Dance Contortionist/Contemporary dancer  Philippines 1 Eliminated
Ekklesia 28–34 Singing Operatic pop trio  South Korea 1 Eliminated
Fitri Cerado 14 Singing Singer/Keyboardist  Philippines 2 Eliminated
Krittaya Ariyasit 10 Acrobatics Aeralist  Thailand 3 Eliminated
Mafarikha Akhir 25 Singing Singer  Malaysia 2 Eliminated
Power Storm Crew 20–35 Dance B-Boy dance group  Thailand 1 Eliminated
The Sisters 10 & 12 Singing Operatic pop duo  Singapore 1 Eliminated
Sumit Sadawarti 22 Singing Singer/Keyboardist  India 3 Eliminated
Syah Riszuan 12 Singing Singer  Singapore 2 Eliminated
Viriya Rici 11 Dance Breakdancer  Indonesia 3 Eliminated
XTRAP 28–33 Dance Finger tutting group  Japan 2 Eliminated
Yumbo Dump 31 & 33 Comedy/Novelty Comic duo  Japan 3 Eliminated
  1. ^ Akira is a native Japanese but has been living in Indonesia for two and a half years.
  2. ^ Sobhi is currently settled in Malaysia after escaping from the Syrian Civil War.

Semifinals summary[edit]

Semifinals 1 (November 16)[edit]

Act Order Performance description Buzzes Result
Foster Anggun Park
Thailand Power Storm Crew 1 Did a dance performance inspired by the Minion jail scene from the Despicable Me 3 film. Eliminated
Indonesia Angela July 2 Sang "Chandelier" by Sia. Crystal Clear action bookmark.png Advanced
Malaysia Andrew Lee 3 Had Anggun handle a coin (with her initials written) inside her hand which he magically bent while still inside Anggun's hand. He then had Foster handle a copy of The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells and, while he and Foster faced away from each other, correctly guessed a passage Foster was looking at a particular page and paragraph. Lee also had his "copy" of the book, one with blank pages. Eliminated
Philippines Deniel Sarmiento 4 Did a routine, which included moving around on a dangling hoop, to the music of "Lost Boy" by Ruth B. Eliminated
Singapore The Sisters 5 Sang "You Raise Me Up" by Secret Garden, accompanied by an eight-person choir. Eliminated
Philippines Neil Rey Garcia Llanes 6 Did two original compositions, the second of which was an amalgam of seven different sounds, one more than those in his audition piece. Advanced
South Korea Ekklesia 7 Sang "La donna è mobile" from Giuseppe Verdi's opera Rigoletto. Eliminated
Mongolia Canion Shijirbat Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 8 Did a dance and fantasy routine where he played a medieval soldier in metal armor. Advanced

Semifinals 2 (November 23)[edit]

Act Order Performance description Buzzes Result
Foster Anggun Park
Kyrgyzstan ADEM Dance Crew Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 1 Performed a routine based on the Night at the Museum film and its sequels. Advanced
Malaysia Mafarikha Akhir 2 Sang "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. Eliminated
Indonesia The Sacred Riana 3 Performed a combined routine consisting of a séance, a self-writing chalkboard, and a haunted dollhouse illusion which produced a similar-looking "friend." Advanced
Philippines Fitri Cerado 4 Sang "Angels Brought Me Here" by Guy Sebastian. Eliminated
Vietnam 218 Dance Crew 5 Did an electronic dance and breakdance routine with illuminated áo dài, folding fans, and nón lá, culminating to the formation of an illuminated lotus flower. Eliminated
Singapore Syah Riszuan 6 Sang "I'll Be There" by The Jackson 5. Eliminated
Japan XTRAP 7 Formed a series of geometric shapes, patterns, and synchronized movements with their hands on an illuminated table as shown by an overhead camera to the music of "Into the Sunset" by Jeremy Abbott and Louise Dowd. Eliminated
Philippines DM-X Comvaleñoz 8 Did a dance routine which started with a haka-like original dance, followed by various stunts and acrobatics backed by heavy metal music, then switched to a more feminine dance routine to the tune of "Free Your Mind" by En Vogue before going back to more stunts and acrobatics to finish their performance. Crystal Clear action bookmark.png Advanced

Semifinals 3 (November 30)[edit]

Act Order Performance description Buzzes Result
Foster Anggun Park
Japan Yumbo Dump 1 Used objects from their sack to make improvised sounds of a whale giving birth, an owl in a silent forest, and fish splashing around a boat, all while wearing only mawashi inside a sumo ring. Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg[a] Eliminated
Indonesia Viriya Rici 2 Did a routine which start with popping dance while waking up from bed, then did a breakdancing routine, which included ball tricks, to the music of "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars. Eliminated
Taiwan Feng E Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 3 Performed a rendition of "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay on electric ukulele. Crystal Clear action bookmark.png Advanced
Thailand Krittaya Ariyasit 4 Performed an underwater world-themed routine. Eliminated
Japan Akira Kimura Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 5 Did a series of magic tricks with their secrets revealing spontaneously by himself or unwittingly by stage hands for laughs. Among the tricks were a coin disappearing under a glass, a color changing shuttlecock, producing objects from inside a hollow cylinder, teleportation, and a female assistant quickly changing her wardrobe. Eliminated
India Sumit Sadawarti 6 Sang the jazz standard "I Only Have Eyes for You" from the Dames film. Eliminated
Malaysia (Syria) Sobhi Shaker 7 Performed card magic. He separated the aces from the deck and teleported them from one place to another, then transformed the aces into queens with the aces reappearing from inside the box. The other cards had their backs changed from red to blue with the aces and queens' backs changing color as well. The other cards then became blank. The aces and queens and some blank cards became pictures of the three judges, two hands, a globe, and the message "#StopAllWar"; the rest of the cards then formed the words of the name of the show. Advanced
Philippines Urban Crew 8 Did a ninja-themed dance, stunts, and breakdancing routine. Advanced
  1. ^ Foster pressed his buzzer during Yumbo Dump's performance, but removed it afterwards during his comment after he admittedly was being heavily entertained by the latter half of the performance.


The finals, like the previous season, were held at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, over a span of two episodes, a performance night and a results night.

On the results night, David Foster, on piano, played "Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire", a song from the St. Elmo's Fire film. Anggun sang "What We Remember", a single from her latest album "8". Lastly, Jay Park, together with Yultron, debuted their newest song "Forget About Tomorrow".

Act Order Performance description Result
Philippines Urban Crew 1 Did a multi-track urban area-themed dance, stunts, and breakdancing routine. Bottom three
Indonesia Angela July Crystal Clear action bookmark.png 2 Sang "Skyfall" (from the James Bond film with the same name) by Adele. Bottom three
Mongolia Canion Shijirbat Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 3 Did a dance routine involving orbs of light and multiple dopplegängers, ending with a marriage proposal for his wife. Fourth place
Indonesia The Sacred Riana 4 First performed close-up magic by transferring a pentagram drawn on a burning piece of paper onto the back of Anggun's right hand with ashes, then made several ghouls appear from inside a box on the stage. She then hid inside the box to escape from the ghouls, disappearing from within and magically reappearing behind the judges. Winner
Malaysia (Syria) Sobhi Shaker 5 Performed card magic using several blank cards, forming words and pictographs and hearts on them, ripping one card labeled "Dream," making it whole again, and disintegrating it into dust over the heart cards, with their backs forming a picture of his from earlier in the performance, all illustrating the realities of life, the destruction caused by war, and the rise of love and hope amidst them. Middle Two
Philippines Neil Rey Garcia Llanes 6 First acted as a DJ who experienced technical difficulties, then did a mashup composition which included "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, an original composition which was an amalgam of ten different sounds, and finally a composition using all sounds from his previous performances. Third Place
Kyrgyzstan ADEM Dance Crew Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 7 Did a routine where they acted as robots in a metal steampunk world. One was left out on the rain after picking up a flower bud, then found itself making smooth dance moves as opposed to rigid ones earlier before finally conking out as a rose grew amongst the metal. The background musical score included the chorus of the song "Secrets" by OneRepublic. Middle Two
Taiwan Feng E Yellow ffff00 pog.svg Crystal Clear action bookmark.png 8 Performed "Beautiful Day" by U2 with both acoustic guitar and electric ukulele. Bottom three
Philippines DM-X Comvaleñoz Crystal Clear action bookmark.png 9 The group entered the stage in a fashion show-like manner, followed up with various stunts and acrobatics backed by heavy metal music (mostly parts of "One Step Closer" by Linkin Park), then switched to a feminine dance routine to the tune of "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee with funny group poses in between sets of steps before finishing with more stunts and acrobatics. Runner-up

Contestants who appeared on previous shows or seasons[edit]

  • ADEM Dance Crew was a finalist on the sixth season of Česko Slovensko Má Talent. They also received a golden buzzer during the auditions.
  • Akira Kimura, who himself has been living in Indonesia for two and a half years prior to auditioning for the show,[18] previously appeared in an Indonesian talent search show Go Show[19] in which he managed to reach the semifinals.
  • Canion Shijirbat appeared in the second season of Mongolia's Got Talent, where he placed second. He also competed in the twelfth season of America's Got Talent, only to be eliminated during the Judge Cuts. His audition in this season occurred a few months after his Judge Cuts performance and a few weeks after said performance was aired in the United States.
  • Power Storm was a finalist on the third season of Thailand's Got Talent. Three years later, they finished as a semifinalist on the sixth season of the same show.
  • Deniel Sarmiento was a semifinalist on the fifth season of Pilipinas Got Talent.[20]
  • D' Intensity Breakers placed fifth on the fourth season of the local Got Talent franchise of the Philippines, Pilipinas Got Talent. Afterwards, they appeared on the first season of Asia's Got Talent, getting four yeses but weren't chosen by the judges to advance to the semifinals.
  • Deenormous took part in the previous season where he received 4 buzzers and 4 nos.
  • Neil Rey Garcia Llanes was a contestant in the previous season. He got 4 yeses and was chosen by the judges to advance to the semifinals but he has to let go his semi final spot to finish his studies.
  • DM-X Comvaleñoz was a semifinalist on the fifth season of Pilipinas Got Talent.[20]
  • Mercifuletes Viola, D'Gemini, and Urban Crew joined the fifth season of Pilipinas Got Talent.
  • Garrett Bolden Jr. also joined Pilipinas Got Talent and became semifinalist.
  • Fitri Cerado also auditioned on the first season of the show.
  • Jayvee and Bjorn Mendoza, as a duo, joined the Philippine franchise of La Banda, Pinoy Boyband Superstar. They were eliminated in the Performance Night of the Middle Rounds.
  • Yumbo Dump appeared in several variety shows in their home country, starting with the show "Pu"-sama 100%ALL NATURAL KUSANAGI&YUSUKE in 2011. They also appeared in the Tamil film Jilla.
  • Little K-Tigers performed on Mnet's Hit The Stage, a South Korean dance survival contest.
  • Louis Choi appeared on the fourth season of the Korean game show I Can See Your Voice.
  • The Juans, who appeared on Episode 4, is a Filipino boy band whose cover of Balisong, originally sang by Rivermaya, was used as the soundtrack of the hit Filipino film 100 Tula Para Kay Stella.
  • Angel Tornado was a finalist on the sixth season of Thailand's Got Talent.
  • Meowfie is an internet meowing sensation. He also have appeared on several films and tv shows.
  • Krittaya Ariyasit also appeared on the sixth season of Thailand's Got Talent and reached the semifinals.
  • The Sacred Riana was a finalist on Indonesian magician talent search show, The Next Mentalist, where she became a runner-up.
  • Jane Callista joined the first season of The Voice Kids Indonesia but eliminated on Live Shows round 1.
  • Viriya Rici appeared on the third season of Indonesia Mencari Bakat, an Indonesian talent search show similar to the Got Talent franchise of Indonesia, Indonesia's Got Talent, and reached the semifinals.
  • Angela July joined the second season of X Factor Indonesia and finished seventh.
  • Noah Velasco is a part of The Velasco Brothers, a semifinalist in the previous season.
  • Bikoon! has appeared in many TV shows in Japan since 2001, one of them being the variety show All That's Manzai. Shiro Maeda, the shorter of the duo hidden inside the black bag at the start of the duo's audition, appeared separately in two other variety shows, Lincoln and Ima-chan no "Jitsu wa...".
  • Quinn Calista Masongsong competed in Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids, a singing competition within the variety show, It's Showtime. There, she was a one-day champion, losing her title the next day.[21]


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