Asia's Next Top Model (cycle 2)

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Asia's Next Top Model (cycle 2)
Asntm 2 cast.png
Cycle 2 cast
Country of origin Malaysia
No. of episodes 13
Original network STAR World
Original release

January 8[1][2] – April 9, 2014

Additional information
No. of contestants 16
Winner Sheena Liam
Cycle chronology
← Previous
Cycle 1
Next →
Cycle 3

Asia's Next Top Model, Cycle 2 is the second season of the reality television show in which a number of women compete for the title of Asia's Next Top Model and a chance to begin their career in the modeling industry. The show features aspiring models from the entire Asia-Pacific region. Casting for cycle 2 closed on August 25, 2013.[3] Nadya Hutagalung and Joey Mead-King returned for panel this season, while Daniel Boey confirmed his departure from the show. After weighing his options, Todd Anthony Tyler also withdrew from the show. He was replaced by Mike Rosenthal.[4]

The second season featured a larger cast. The number of contestants increased from 14 to 16. Nepal was not represented for this season. The show was filmed in Malaysia, and it premiered on January 8, 2014 on STAR World Asia and Fox Asia.[5][6]

This cycle's promotional song was "I Love It" by Icona Pop. The international destination during the cycle was Hong Kong, China, becoming the second occasion in which the series traveled to the country, after cycle 1. Regarding the Malaysia Tourism Board as the main sponsor, the models traveled across Peninsular Malaysia, namely Penang, Pangkor Island, Malacca, and Kuala Terengganu; and Malaysian Borneo, namely Kuching and Gaya Island.

Among the prizes were a three-month contract with Storm Model Management in London, the chance to appear in a spread and on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Singapore/Malaysia, a cash prize from FOX International Broadcast, a Subaru XV car, and the chance of becoming the new face of TRESemmé for one of their 2014 campaigns.[2][7]

The winner of the competition was 22-year-old Sheena Liam from Malaysia.


Casting calls were held in five countries, listed below:

  • August 9 at HYVE Club, Manila
  • August 11 at JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur
  • August 13 at JW Marriott, Jakarta
  • August 15 at Siam Discovery, Bangkok
  • August 17 at FOX International Studios, Singapore City


(ages stated are at start of contest)[8]

Country Contestant Age Height Finish Place
 China Jessie Yang 22 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) Episode 1 16
 Hong Kong Elektra Yu 21 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) 15
 Indonesia Bona Kometa 27 1.79 m (5 ft 10 12 in) Episode 2 14
 South Korea Jihye Moon 20 1.81 m (5 ft 11 12 in) Episode 3 13
 Vietnam Thao Phan 26 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) Episode 4 12
 Singapore Poojaa Gill 22 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) Episode 5 11
 India Sneha Ghosh 23 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Episode 7 10–9
 Indonesia Janice Hermijanto 21 1.74 m (5 ft 8 12 in)
 Thailand Tia Taveepanichpan 17 1.69 m (5 ft 6 12 in) Episode 8 8
 Taiwan Natalie Pickles 25 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) Episode 9 7
 Malaysia Josephine Tan 23 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) Episode 10 6
 Singapore Nicole Lee 24 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Episode 11 5
 Japan Marie Nakagawa 24 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) Episode 12 4
 Philippines Katarina Rodriguez 21 1.69 m (5 ft 6 12 in) Episode 13 3
 Philippines Jodilly Pendre 20 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) 2
 Malaysia Sheena Liam 22 1.74 m (5 ft 8 12 in) 1

Episode summaries[edit]

Episode 1: The Girl Who Walks the Walk[edit]

First aired January 08, 2014

All of the contestants first arrived at their accommodation, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

After visiting and discovering their penthouse, the girls met host and judge Nadya Hutagalung for the first time. Nadya introduced herself and gave the girls some information about the show. Joey Mead-King and movement coach Adam Williams revealed to the girls that they would be having a water catwalk challenge. Jodilly excelled in the challenge. Most of the girls were excited and nervous, while Jessie is fearful of the water.

Dressed in outfits designed by Gloria Mok, the girls were required to walk on a narrow strip of glass submerged in a pool while retaining their glamour strut and confidence. Most of the models struggled, especially Katarina, who was the only girl to fall into the pool. Jessie allowed her fear of water to conquer her, with the judges taking notice as they watched from the crowd. The majority of the girls received favorable feedback from judge Adam Williams.

After arriving back to the model house, Nicole received the news that her grandmother had died. Despite feeling sad, she remained strong and decided to stay in the competition, explaining that seeing her on the show would have made her grandmother proud regardless. Elektra was quickly alienated by the other girls, who felt that she was trying too hard to get attention.

The girls arrived to their set for their first photo shoot. Before starting with the shoot, Nadya revealed that there would be an elimination based on the performances during the runway challenge and on each girls' overall potential. As a result of being too fearful of the water and being unprofessional, Jessie was ultimately sent home.

  • Eliminated outside of the judging panel: Jessie Yang

The remaining girls met their photographer and judge, Mike Rosenthal. Dressed in outfits designed by Inai Red, each model was allotted ten frames as part of the opening titles for the show. Sheena, Josephine, Thao, Janice, Jodilly and Tia were among few of the girls who received positive feedback from Mike as being confident and versatile. Tia was praised the most for bringing energy and a vibrant personality during the shoot, while Adam felt Poojaa lacked energy during her session. Bona and Natalie struggled to give their best angles to the camera. Nicole struggled with her poses, and failed to enhance her unique edgy look.

At the first elimination, Tia, Sheena, and Josephine received acclamation from the judges, securing the top three slots in the call-out. Jodilly and Thao received positive feedback from the judges as well, landing themselves on top five while the other models were met with mixed reactions from the judges. Elektra, Natalie, and Nicole were all critiqued for failing to give a wide variety of facial expressions. The former two were also criticized for looking more being demonic than fierce. Nicole was the first model declared safe. After landing in the bottom two with Elektra, Natalie was eventually given a second chance.

  • First call-out: Tia Taveepanichpan
  • Bottom three: Elektra Yu, Natalie Pickles & Nicole Lee
  • Eliminated: Elektra Yu
  • Featured photographer: Mike Rosenthal
  • Special guests: Gloria Mok, Kenneth Goh

Episode 2: The Girl Who Attracts a Following[edit]

First aired January 15, 2014

After receiving depressing news from her hometown, unfavorable comments from the judges, and landing herself in the bottom three, Nicole released her anger right after the panel by punching a board in one of the corridors backstage. The cameraman tried to record her breakdown, but Nicole proceeded to push him out of the way. The girls failed in their attempt to calm her down. Jihye felt glad that Elektra had been eliminated because she felt that she was not a model. Josephine admitted that Tia's first call out took her by surprise, and explained that she began to see her as competitor. Janice and Tia began to form a clique of their own, forming slight animosity between themselves and the other girls.

In the morning, movement coach Adam Williams visited the house along with model, DJ, and fashion blogger Bip Ling. Bip Ling shared her personal experience on stardom, and gave the models tips and tricks for taking a great selfie. The girls were then divided into three groups, with last week's top three, namely Tia, Sheena and Josephine as the leader for each team. Each one of them selected three girls to join their group. Since Nicole and Sneha weren't picked as a member of the three teams, they were left aside as the fourth team in the challenge. They were immediately sent out to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to take their best selfies.

Group Leader Models
Janice, Marie & Thao
Poojaa, Jodilly & Jihye
Natalie, Katarina & Bona
Nicole & Sneha

Josephine felt that her team created many interesting poses, while Sheena's team was repeatedly kicked out of their chosen locations by shop owners. Tia stressed that she wanted simplicity in their pictures. Despite the fact that she is a photographer outside of the competition, Nicole wasn't happy with the challenge. Sneha began to feel pressured by Nicole's overly bossy personality, as she felt that the mood in the pictures needed to be fun and joyful. The photographs were reviewed a while later, and Poojaa was revealed to be the winner of the challenge.

  • Challenge Winner: Poojaa Gill

She was given the chance to spend one relaxing night at Pangkor Island, and chose to share her prize with Katarina. The two later took a luxurious helicopter to Pangkor Laut. Meanwhile, Tia vocalized her displeasure and irritation concerning Poojaa's victory for the challenge.

The girls were welcomed by Joey-Mead King at Malaysia's popular tourist hot spot Batu Caves, the location for their second photo shoot. After introducing the photographer, Maurice Mauricio, the contestants learned that they would be wearing dresses from renowned fashion designer Melinda Looi's collection. Additionally, it was explained that they would only be given fifteen frames to capture their best take. The models were asked to give a wide variety of dynamic poses and facial expressions. While climbing their way into the cave with baskets of fruit, monkeys attempted to raid their offerings, made most of the girls feeling terrified.

Thao became worried because she felt that her tired face would translate into her pictures, but Maurice gave her favorable feedback. Jihye delivered artistic poses. Maurice felt that she took a while to warp up, but improved significantly near the end of her session. He also felt that Janice was fun to work with. Despite being sick, she was able to hold her poses before he took her photos. Bona lacked variation, and Maurice felt that she was blank. Katarina received mostly positive feedback. Natalie did well, showing vast improvement from the previous week. Sheena successfully made her long dress flaunt. Maurice felt that she was consistent and really delivered in most of the film. Sneha thought that her religion gave her a spiritual advantage over the other girls. Marie failed to think of good poses for the camera. Last week's winner Tia failed to give dramatic movement, while Jodilly and Josephine were praised for their amazing performances on set.

While Poojaa and Katarina enjoying their trip to Pangkor Island, the girls in the house get their very own TRESemmé goody bag which very much making the girls very happy. Sneha put her messed laundry near the ironing section, eventually triggered roommate Janice's temper as she felt disrespected by Sneha. Janice then asked Sneha to clean it up, but strong-minded outspoken Sneha did not want to do it as she felt being ordered by Janice. After Poojaa and Katarina were back from their trip, they shared their experience and memory, which much displeased and envied Tia and Janice.

During the second round of judging, Nicole, Jodilly, Sheena and Thao received positive feedback from the judges. They were also praised for their passion, hard work and effort, securing the top spots. The other girls received generally mixed reactions. As the judges deliberated, sparks flew in the waiting room. The girls had a drama which involves Tia, Sneha, Janice, and Katarina. Tia vs Katarina, while Janice vs Sneha. Tia and Katarina's feud ended quickly but Janice and Sneha's feud continued. Back at the panel, Bona, Marie and Tia wounded up in the bottom three. Marie was the first to be given a second chance. Last week winner Tia was deemed as having more potential, and was thus saved from being eliminated. Bona was sent home for giving flat photo, much to the dismay of the remaining contestants.

  • First call-out: Nicole Lee
  • Bottom three: Bona Kometa, Marie Nakagawa & Tia Taveepanichpan
  • Eliminated: Bona Kometa
  • Featured photographer: Maurice Mauricio
  • Special guests: Bip Ling, Melinda Looi

Episode 3: The Girl Who's Hot When She Is Cold[edit]

First aired January 22, 2014

This episode features the remaining 13 girls to have a great challenge on their fear of height - runway on top of Kuala Lumpur Tower the largest telecommunication tower in South East Asia. They were required to walk a short distance on top of KL Tower and ended their ads with a smile as their commercial for Visit Malaysia 2014 campaign. Most of the girls received positive reaction for being brave enough to overcome their fear, especially Tia, Nicole, Thao and Josephine. Furthermore, hometown girl Josephine did the best and won the challenge.

Challenge winner: Josephine Tan

After the challenge, the girls was 'spot checked' by movement coach Adam Williams. He shared some useful beauty tips to the girls. Then, he revealed that last week photo shoot winner Nicole would have a pool session on top of their penthouse, which surprised all the girls, Pampered by sushi buffet and having their joyous moment at the pool, Nicole and 4 more girls, Janice, Poojaa, Jodilly and Sheena were having fun. The girls were even more thrilled when the workers there revealed that international Hollywood stars like Michelle Yeoh and Jackie Chan also been there before.

The girls then had their third photo shoot at SnoWalk, Selangor with only 1/2 lingerie on, featuring guest photographer Jasper McIlroy. At temperature below 5 degrees Celsius, the girls needed to stay 'hot sexy' at the cold environment. Josephine, Nicole, Sheena and Natalie gave a lot and were deemed being edgy and creative at the photo shoot, receiving positive comments from Joey, Jasper and Mike. Jodilly also awed the guest photographer and was noted to be a photographer's dream. Katarina was also praised for having been consistently improved. The other girls received mixed reaction, with Jihye and Janice received negative reaction for being dull, and their under performance was probably due to their feeling unwell. Jihye, who was critiqued for being expressionless, later revealed her expressionless-ness was due to her childhood bullied. Sexy photographer, Jasper who was also a former model, was jokingly 'accused' for being too distracting for the girls because he was too attractive and hot.

At the judging panel, Josephine, who won the Visit Malaysia ads challenge, received acclaims from the judges. Last week photo shoot winner Nicole was complimented for giving edgy pose and successfully enhanced her unique edgy look, securing her runner-up spot in the shoot. Sheena was praised for being creative and professional, ultimately maintained her top three spots for the third consecutive photo shoot consistently, becoming the first girl in this cycle to do so. Jodilly, Katarina, Thao and Natalie received lukewarm reactions from the judges. Poojaa was critiqued for being beautiful but didn't know how to pose well. Sneha and Marie (unavailable at the call out due to her evacuation to the hospital as she shook uncontrollably right after the judging) were complimented for trying new poses and gave great curves, but their blank facial expression did not connect to the camera, resulting in blank and flat photos despite of great curves. Janice (who was suffering from terrible cold) and Jihye, were in danger of getting eliminated as they finished themselves at the bottom two. Both of them were critiqued for giving same 101 poses for their third week and their photos are expressionless and far behind the other girls. Janice, which had her past two weeks' photos at a better ranking than Jihye's, was given the second chance, while Jihye was the fourth model sent home.

  • First call-out: Josephine Tan
  • Bottom three: Janice Hermijanto, Jihye Moon & Sneha Ghosh
  • Eliminated: Jihye Moon
  • Featured photographer: Jesper McIlroy

Episode 4: The Girl That Embraces Change[edit]

First aired January 29, 2014

The remaining twelve girls had their very own makeover at Malaysia renowned celebrity saloon A Cut Above. Most of the girls were excited, while Sneha and Sheena were prominently worried, upset and sad during the makeover. With the mirror covered, all the girls had their transformation revealed at a dark room. There they were given a surprise visit by their family member, boyfriend or friend, with Marie as the only girl with no one visiting her. Furthermore, they were given a second surprise visit by their closed ones at the model house. Poojaa was later finger-pointed by Josephine and Katarina as the 'second Tia' for boasting about her wealthy family and background.

For their photo shoot, they returned to the beauty salon for a 60's chic style - themed photo shoot session while wearing Silas Liew's new neon color-popping chic collection. Indonesian photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina was the shoot's featured photographer. For this week photo shoot, Nicoline requested that the girls be themselves with no inhibition of being quirky, sexy or edgy. Marie, Josephine, Nicole and Natalie were among the girls to receive great feedback from the photographer, while Sneha, Jodilly, Thao, Katarina and Janice received negative feedback for giving awkward poses and for failing to deliver an impressive shot. Back at the house, the girls' poor hygiene condition was arising. Thao's mess in the kitchen made neat freak Nicole very frustrated and mad. Janice referred her as a 'rich and famous diva'.

For the judging session, the models had their first ever outdoor judging panel at the MBPJ Stadium, Petaling Jaya. Natalie, Sheena, Tia, Katarina and Janice were told that they were playing too safe and did not try something out of their comfort zone. Last week best photo winner Josephine, Marie and Poojaa had great shots with the latter two deemed as showing great improvement during the competition, securing them the top three spots. In general, all of the girls were only able to give safe shots, and did not try something new. Most girls received lukewarm comments from the judges. Sneha, Janice and Thao landed in the bottom three and were in danger of having their top model dream crushed, with the former two having their second consecutive week at the bottom three. Thao, who was deemed having very weak shot this week was eliminated, despite of having better portfolio at the past three weeks than the former two.

  • First call-out: Marie Nakagawa
  • Bottom three: Janice Hermijanto, Thao Phan & Sneha Ghosh
  • Eliminated: Thao Phan
  • Featured photographer: Nicoline Patricia Malina
  • Special guests: Alfons, Lourd Ramos

Episode 5: The Girl That Runs Her Own Race[edit]

First aired February 5, 2014

The remaining eleven girls were woken up by Adam using a megaphone. The always energetic Adam then announced that it was the fitness week. The blurry-eyed girls were then greeted by Daniel Remon, a trainer from Technogym Kinesis who taught them how to use the gym equipment correctly and safely, and also told them how important it was for models to keep themselves fit. After the lesson, the models were told to go to a boot camp. On the way to the challenge, Janice complained to Marie and Poojaa about Tia, which made the girls very confused about the 'BFF' relationship between Janice and Tia.

At the boot camp, they were welcomed by Joey and Jason de la Peña, an English journalist, who also is a presenter for Sky News, Russia Today, Sky Sports, and ESPN-StarSports, and a former cricketer himself. Before they started the group challenge, the top two girls from the previous week, Marie and Josephine were appointed as the team leaders and they got to pick their teammates to form a team of four each.

Team Models
Jodilly, Marie, Natalie, Poojaa & Sneha
Janice, Josephine, Katarina, Nicole & Sheena

Since the group was odd numbered, Nicole and Tia were the last two girls to be picked, with Josephine making the last pick. Nicole was picked instead of Tia, leaving her to form a one-man team. Joey then mentioned that this would be a team work challenge, the timer would stop when all the models have reached the predetermined finish line. Tia being alone in her team, was in at an advantage for she need not wait for any teammate. Team Marie started the obstacle course first, where they finished at 15 minutes and 15 seconds, while Team Josephine finished at 7 minutes and 50 seconds. Team Tia finished at only 2 minutes and 3 seconds, making her the challenge winner. Tia won a pampering spa treatment at the Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur, and picked Janice to enjoy the prize with her.

Challenge winner: Tia Taveepanichpan

Marie and Pooja recalled what Janice gossiped about Tia in the car and shared it with the other girls. Back at the model house, the girls had surprised gifts from M·A·C Cosmetics. Roommates Tia and Sneha thought it would be fair to gather everyone in the living room to discuss and arrange who should get the products. Nicole was angry as she felt it unnecessary to argue over 'small cosmetics'.

For the photo shoot, the remaining models traveled to Studio Image Rom and participated in a futuristic sports theme photo shoot, featuring Malaysian photographer Loh Lin Shan. For this week's photo shoot, Loh told the girls to fully utilize their sports prop while giving futuristic, avant-garde poses.

Model Sports prop
Janice Baseball bat
Jodilly Ping pong
Josephine Boxing gloves
Katarina Tennis racket
Marie Cycling helmet
Natalie Football
Nicole Golf club
Poojaa Ski goggles
Sheena Soccer ball
Sneha Hockey stick
Tia Basketball

Jodilly, Nicole and Sheena were praised and complimented by the photographer. Natalie greatly improved, showing her best yet while Janice was praised for enhancing her energy on set despite the photographer felt she was shielding her feelings at most times. The previous week's top three Marie, Josephine and Poojaa all seemed to be confused and took a huge step back from their performances. Katarina and Sneha were consistently giving safe and boring poses, especially Katarina who seemed to be not trying at all. Sneha was criticized for looking aged. Tia was criticized for having the "Tia Expression" and ignored directions given by mentors, Joey and Mike.

After the photo shoot, the models found out that the kitchen in the model house was closed, followed by a Nadya Mail stating that Poojaa and Sneha were chosen to prepare a three course meal for the house. Both of them were first-time cooks but the outcome was surprisingly delicious. After the dinner, Janice saw Jodilly, Katarina and Nicole sitting in their room, assumed that they were bitching about her. Nicole quickly invited Janice to sit down so they could have an intervention, when Nicole mentioned about Tia being her "BFF" in the house. Furious Janice defended herself by saying Tia was only her 'pretend BFF', as they got along "best" but doesn't mean they're best friends. All the girls were left confused. Then, Janice quickly recalled that she heard her name being mentioned several times from the other girls (Sheena and Natalie) during the photo shoot, and snapped into an argument with everyone in the house, which resulted in the disappointed Tia moving to another room.

At the judging panel, the models were presented with special guest Malaysian model Amber Chia. Natalie was praised at panel for delivering a great photo. The judges were surprised by Nicole's shot and praised for her consistency. The judges were also happy to see that Jodilly and Sheena had stepped up their game. Janice's energy looked drained at the panel, where she expressed her feelings of having to live with the girls in the house, which causing her a lot of stress, yet the judges praised her for improving since the previous weeks. Josephine, Marie and Poojaa had a huge step back despite having good photos the week before. A disappointed Joey opined that Marie's shot was a "flop". Poojaa was criticized for her signature "hands-on-hip" pose every week, and for not giving any variation at all, while Sneha and Katarina were criticized for being too safe every week. Challenge winner Tia had been slipping back gradually. Even worse, Mike later brought up the 'ill-mannered' issue that had happened during Tia's photo shoot. Nadya then quickly mentioned that this was the worst performance throughout the competition, and warned the girls to step up their game.

As the judges deliberated, Tia broke down in tears after being accused by the judges of ignoring Mike and Joey during the photo shoot. Natalie received first call out, and Jodilly secured her second best photo. Nicole and Sheena rounded up the top four, making Sheena extended her record of being the girl with most non-consecutive top three appearance in the cycle, with four. Josephine, Poojaa, Sneha and Tia landed in an unusual bottom four, marking Sneha's third consecutive bottom three appearance and Tia's second bottom two appearance. Poojaa, who was in the top three last week, was surprisingly eliminated for giving the same pose on her photos for the fifth consecutive time.

  • First call-out: Natalie Pickles
  • Bottom four: Josephine Tan, Poojaa Gill, Sneha Ghosh & Tia Taveepanichpan
  • Eliminated: Poojaa Gill
  • Featured photographer: Loh Lin Shan
  • Special guests: Amber Chia, Daniel Remon, Jason de la Peña

Episode 6: The Girl Who Works The Room[edit]

First aired February 12, 2014

The remaining top 10 girls were happy to stay in the competition. Poojaa's departure left a deep impact and much frustration from some of the girls, most prominently Nicole, who is also from Singapore. Feeling disappointed and upset, Nicole felt that all the kind hearted girls had left while the attention-seekers had remained in the house.

The next morning, the girls were warmly visited by model mentor Joey Mead-King at the house with experienced senior make-up artist from M.A.C., Haritha Shan. Sharing some tips on being classy and beautiful, Haritha gave all of the girls a goody bag of M.A.C. cosmetics. Joey then joyfully announced that they were going to a cocktail party challenge at Malaysia high-end bar Marini's 57, which was located at the 57th floor of the world's tallest twin tower, Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC). Malaysian girls Josephine and Sheena felt they were at an advantage as they had known some of the familiar faces of the local and popular, iconic figures there. The models were required to be sociable, classy and poised, and they needed to impress the crowd and be the most memorable model among the pack. However, Nadya and Joey did not tell them that there was one undercover judge, which was Subaru Asia Region manager, Glenn Tan.

All dressed in the amazing cocktail dresses by Malaysian multi-winning designer Sonny Son, the girls all looked very gorgeous and glamorous. All of them were excited and happy, which very much annoyed Janice as she felt that the girls were too silly for being too excited for such an event. She then started to alienate herself from the rest of the girls. Nicole was mad as she felt Janice created so much drama, faking in front of the judges just for the fame, which makes Nicole thinking that she could not throw out her humanity for the glamour and limelight, while the nice girls had left so early. At the cocktail party, all of the girls were warm and friendly. Generally, all the girls did well. All of them were sociable and glamorous. However, none of the girls seemed to have entertain the undercover judge, Glenn Tan, with only Natalie, Marie and Jodilly who got the chance to talk to him. Reasonably Natalie and Jodilly both received great feedback from Glenn. However, Jodilly, who was deemed to be honest and classy, and left a more remarkable impression on him, was chosen as the challenge winner. Her prize was an extra 15 frames for the next photo shoot.

  • Challenge winner: Jodilly Pendre

After the cocktail party, as the girls were waiting at the hotel lobby, Janice suddenly apologized to the girls, especially to Nicole and Tia. Argument started to fire up when the girls like Katarina, Tia, Sneha and Nicole did not feel Janice being sincere with her brief apology. Janice felt she had lost all of her dignity as she apologized, and then called the girls mean as they didn't accept her apology at all. Since then, the girls had not bothered to entertain Janice anymore.

This week, the top 10 girls were required to be edgy and tried to take risk for their photo shoot at the Subaru XV Assembly Line factory in Malaysia. The girls will be joined by a few muscular, male models from Malaysia and Brazil, namely: Danny, John, Nate and Vitor. This week's featured photographer was Timon Wehrli and beautiful fairy tale-ish elegant gowns created by Indonesian couture designer, Imelda Kartini. They were hoped to break free from their shells and be brave risk-takers as last week's photos were mostly unimpressive. Jodilly, Josephine, Sheena, Sneha and Nicole received great feedback from the photographer for being very versatile and for delivering some story behind the shoot, despite of their distracting and hot surroundings on the set. This was especially true with Jodilly and Sneha, who received positive comments for their great shapes and graceful movements. Natalie, Tia, Katarina and Janice, however disappointed and failed to impress the photographer. But generally, the girls did great.

At the judging panel, Jodilly, Josephine and Nicole were acclaimed by the judges, securing the top three spots, giving Josephine her fourth non-consecutive top three appearance, a feat held by Sheena as well. Marie and Sneha showed improvement and received mixed reactions from the panel. Jodilly and Josephine both gave romantic shots, with Josephine slightly off the concept as she seemed to have paid more attention to the male models on her photo than to the car, which should have been the major point of the shoot. Tia and Janice were critiqued for appearing lost and consistently delivering nothing through their shots. Tia delivered too much "ego", while Janice's 'pull-my-hair' poses were awkward, despite her swagger. Last week's best photo winner Natalie, who was slowly improving, seemed to have taken a step back as she looked like she was staggering in pain on her photo. Generally, all the girls showed some improvement.

At the backstage, the drama heated up as Nicole felt offended by what Janice told the judges, Janice defended herself and made the other girls felt bad and tense. Back to the judging panel, it was revealed that Jodilly received her first call-out, the first one for the Philippines. Janice and Tia found themselves in the bottom two, both for their third times. Just before Nadya handed out both photos to both of them, Nadya confessed that they were actually both going home, due to their dull performances, but since this was a predetermined non-elimination episode, both girls got to stay and compete for another week. However, both girls would have five lesser frames than the other girls for the next photo shoot.

  • First call-out: Jodilly Pendre
  • Bottom two: Janice Hermijanto & Tia Taveepanichpan
  • Eliminated: None
  • Featured photographer: Timon Wehrli
  • Special guests: Haritha Shan, Glenn Tan

Episode 7: The Girl Who is in the Spotlight[edit]

First aired February 19, 2014

On the way back to the penthouse, Janice and Nicole, on board in the same car, started to have another argument which made Nicole wanted to get out of the moving car on their way home. Back in the house, Tia was frustrated about her last photo and began to doubt herself whether she was a model. In the house Janice apologized to Nicole again, and Nicole taught Janice how to properly apologize. For the next challenge, the girls needed to create the day and night look in two different occasions in front of the judges, Joey and Adam. Five models were appointed out of the challenge and would become the partner for the girls still in the challenge to help these latter girls with their makeover. Sheena chose Josephine since they're both from the same country. Surprisingly Nicole picked Janice, acknowledging that Janice had been making real effort to mend her attitude toward her and all the girls.

Model Partner
  • Challenge winner: Sheena Liam

Later, they had a photo shoot mostly about hair. Coco Lee became the special guest judge on the set, along with Mike Rosenthal. Janice and Tia, who were supposed to be eliminated last week, received 10 frames, while the rest of the girls got 15. In the judging panel, the judges loved Marie's energy, Nicole's edginess, and Sheena's elegant poses, made them secured the top three spots. On the other hand, Janice, Sneha and Tia found themselves again in the bottom three spot for their weak photos. Nadya handed Tia's picture as she was declared safe from elimination, leaving Janice and Sneha as the bottom two models. However, Nadya handed a blank photo, revealing that both Janice and Sneha were doubly eliminated, much to the dismay of the other girls.

  • First call-out: Marie Nakagawa
  • Bottom three: Janice Hermijanto, Sneha Ghosh & Tia Taveepanichpan
  • Eliminated: Janice Hermijanto & Sneha Ghosh
  • Featured photographer: UKay Cheung
  • Special guests: Coco Lee

Episode 8: The Girl Who Makes a Splash[edit]

First aired February 26, 2014

The girls, especially Josephine, excited about Janice's elimination, while Jodilly felt sad since Sneha's gone. The girls split up, with Jodilly, Katarina, Nicole, and Tia hanging out together, while the other girls Josephine, Marie, Natalie, and Sheena formed their own group chat. Sheena talked to Natalie about her anxiety, and how she missed her family during the competition. The girls later went aboard to Penang, where they did their next challenge: to make a campaign, with extra accessories, millipedes. The girls must stay calm throughout the campaign despite the millipedes kept bugging them during the filming of the ads.

  • Challenge winner: Tia Taveepanichpan

As the reward challenge, Tia had a special one on one dinner with the famous Prof. Jimmy Choo, the world-renowned shoe designer. She then brought home a cake from the restaurant for the other girls in the house. The following day, Adam brought the girls to join Yoga class with Waka Yogi. After that, they went to Pangkor Island and there picked lottery to decide their next photo shoot locations.

Location Models
Katarina & Nicole
Spa Village
Jodilly & Sheena
Floating Room
Josephine & Tia
Emerald Bay
Marie & Natalie

At the judging panel, Marie was applaused for her best photo, Josephine and Nicole also excelled, securing the top three position. Katarina was praised as she was deemed finally improved by the judges. Natalie, Jodilly and Tia found themselves in bottom three; Natalie for looking lost in the photo, Jodilly for the disconnection between her face and body, and Tia for not listening at the photographer and mentor during the shoot. Natalie was later deemed safe, leaving the tearful Jodilly and Tia in bottom two. Even though she won the challenge this week, Tia was sent home, sparing Jodilly from the elimination.

  • First call-out: Marie Nakagawa
  • Bottom three: Jodilly Pendre, Natalie Pickles & Tia Taveepanichpan
  • Eliminated: Tia Taveepanichpan
  • Featured photographer: Chiun-Kai Shih
  • Special guests: Jimmy Choo, Waka Yogi, Andrea Fonseka

Episode 9: The Girl With a Wild Side[edit]

First aired March 5, 2014

The girls went abroad to the jungles of Sarawak, Borneo. Unlike other girls who brought small bags for the trip, Sheena decided to bring her big suitcase. She eventually regretted it as they had to cross over some creeks in the jungle on foot bringing their own belongings. In the jungle, they were challenged to make their own tents for staying overnight there and to eat fried maggots for their dinner later in the evening, which disgusted all of the girls.

For photo session, they had to be made over by US-based make up artist Rob Scheppy, each with a different "Jungle Warrior Princess" persona. Natalie struggled as the smoke from the torches she held made her eyes tear up during her shoot. Katarina and Jodilly excelled the photo shoot, while Nicole had struggled, despite some very good direction from Mike Rosenthal and Adam Williams. Sheena pleaded Adam and Mike to help her win a first call-out. Marie who couldn't swim, once fell from the boat but she kept trying. After the shoot, the girls arrived at their new penthouse. The Malaysian girls, Josephine and Sheena, received the biggest room, and invited Marie and Natalie to sleep with them. This led to some talks amongst Jodilly, Katarina, and Nicole, discussing the other girls as they had become jealous of them.

For the judging session, the models had their second outdoor judging panel at Rumah Melanau on Sarawak Cultural Village. Nicole's photo made Nadya worried that Nicole isn't the 360 model she seeks. Katarina had shown improvement, made her received her first call out from Nadya, with Jodilly, who also had good photo, getting the second call out. Sheena was then called out, after previously broke down in tears of disappointment of her photo in front of the judges. Josephine, Natalie, and Nicole were in the bottom three but Josephine was later declared safe, leaving Natalie and Nicole in bottom two. Ultimately, Natalie was sent home.

  • First call-out: Katarina Rodriguez
  • Bottom three: Josephine Tan, Natalie Pickles & Nicole Lee
  • Eliminated: Natalie Pickles
  • Featured photographer: Mike Rosenthal
  • Special guests: Rob Scheppy

Episode 10: The Island Girl[edit]

First aired March 26, 2014[Note 1]

After elimination, the girls played Truth or Dare to spend their time at the hotel. The following day, the girls were sent to Gaya Island, near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, to continue their journey in the Malaysian Borneo. After arriving at Gaya Island Resort, the girls were introduced to the executive manager of the resort, where they were then taken to take a trail through the jungle of Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park in Gaya Island until they found a secluded beach. Sheena again had a trouble taking the physical demanding task, where Jodilly and Nicole were pumped up to do it. At the beach, the girls then played with water, where Nicole was found out not wearing a bra that disgusted Marie and Josephine.

After spending an exhausting day in the jungle,the girls were greeted by Adam on a yacht, where they also met Jade Parfitt, who gave them some tips of being a good model. Later that night, the girls had a dinner with the Storm Models agent, Marina Fairfax, that also gave them some modelling tips.

The next day, the girls headed to a private beach, where they had a photo shoot with Los Angeles photographer, Jack Guy, wearing a summer gown collection by Australian fashion designer Alex Perry. Jade Parfitt accompanied them and gave them some directions on the set. Katarina was praised for giving a bombshell performance, as well as Jodilly, while the other girls got mixed feedback. Later that day, the girls once again played Truth or Dare where they found some interesting thoughts amongst the girls that made the rivalry of the competition even heated up.

For the judging session, the girls were back in Kuala Lumpur. At the panel, Jodilly was praised for having very good movement as she seemed levitating on print, while Josephine was said to have exaggerated her pose and Nicole's pose that looked like poses in wedding magazines. Josephine and Nicole eventually landed in the bottom two, but Nicole was later spared and Josephine was sent home, making Sheena very sad.

  • First Call-Out: Jodilly Pendre
  • Bottom two: Josephine Tan & Nicole Lee
  • Eliminated: Josephine Tan
  • Featured photographer: Jack Guy
  • Special guests: Alex Perry, Jade Parfitt, Marina Fairfax, Jen Atkin

Episode 11: The Girl on Life's Journey[edit]

First aired May 8, 2014[Note 2]

Since the models had a photo shoot with Malaysia Airlines, the episode was originally canceled due to the issue of the lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 which crashed in the South Indian Ocean. The show released a recap of what had happened during the episode in their official YouTube channel.[9] The episode was eventually broadcast about one month after the season finale, on a season re-run.

In the episode, it was revealed that the top five models were flown to Hong Kong wearing Gucci. On board the plane, Adam Williams and Joey Mead King gave the girls a runway lesson in the aisle. Afterwards, they were challenged to perform a fashion show inside the plane wearing dresses from Malaysian designer Jonathan Liang. Upon arriving to Hong Kong, Adam and Joey took the girls to the highest point of the city for High Tea. After their meal, it was revealed that the winner of the challenge was Sheena.

  • Challenge winner: Sheena Liam

The models later met season one contestant Helena Chan for a trip in Victoria Harbour. Back in the hotel in Malaysia the models were introduced to Jessica Amornkuldilok, the winner of cycle one. The photo shoot turned out to be a campaign for Malaysia Airlines, where they had to pose in a hangar with luggages in front of the Malaysia Airlines flight A380 as their background set. At panel, Sheena received her first best photo in the competition. She was soon followed by Jodilly and Marie. Katarina and Nicole landed in the bottom two, yet it was Nicole who was sent home.

Episode 12: The Girl Who's Epic[edit]

First aired April 2, 2014

After the panel, the girls were given another Nadya Mail that sent them to Malacca. In Malacca, the girls were allowed to take a break from the exhausting competition, where they could shop, travel, and take a ride on a traditional Malaccan rickshaw. After that, the girls went to Majestic Hotel where they enjoyed an afternoon tea before going back to Kuala Lumpur.

The girls were then sent to a go-see challenge with the Harper's Bazaar Malaysia where they met the editor-in-chief. Katarina was called first but the editor was not impressed with her catwalk. Jodilly followed next but she was somehow unsure of Jodilly's poses because they were too cliche. The editor was impressed with Marie and Sheena's portfolio and performance, the latter of whom winning the challenge. She was awarded with a shopping spree of MAC Cosmetics worth $1,000. She shared her prize with the girls.

  • Challenge winner: Sheena Liam

After the girls went home, they met mentor Joey Mead-King to have a conversation with former Pussycat Dolls member Ashley wherein she shared modeling tips to all the girls. The following day, they were greeted by Swedish pop duo Icona Pop to introduce them to their next photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar. The photo shoot took place at the Chin Woo Stadium, where they then met Kenneth Goh, the creative director for Harper's Bazaar Singapore. He was quite impressed with Jodilly and Katarina's performances during the shoot. While Sheena gained mixed reactions from Kenneth and Mike, Marie was deemed to have a poor performance during her shoot.

At panel, the judges have acclaimed Katarina and Jodilly's shots while Marie and Sheena gained lukewarm reactions from the judges, saying that Marie had given forgettable shots and failed to give her full potential, despite having scored three first call outs during the competition. Meanwhile, Sheena was critiqued by Adam, who said that he saw the same facial expression every week and he started to get bored with it.

Katarina earned her second first call-out, followed with Jodilly, granted them the first and second place in the finale respectively. As expected, Sheena and Marie were placed in the bottom two. Marie, for not having presence during shoots and at panel and for not following brief in the recent shoot, and Sheena for having too much pressure since she is a Malaysian and many of them were rooting for her in the competition. Marie was then shockingly sent home, whilst Sheena was revealed to be the last finalist of this cycle.

  • First call-out: Katarina Rodriguez
  • Bottom two: Marie Nakagawa & Sheena Liam
  • Eliminated: Marie Nakagawa
  • Featured photographer: Aaron Lee
  • Special guests: Kenneth Goh, Ashley Roberts, T-ara, Icona Pop, Natasha Kraal, Romero Jennings

Episode 13: The Girl Who Wins it All[edit]

First aired April 9, 2014

The girls flew to Kuala Terengganu for their final photo shoot. After arriving at Tanjong Jara Resort, the girls were greeted by a group of traditional gompang players that led them to Nadya in a nearby kampong.

Their final photo shoot was revealed to be about the kampong life. They had to express the feeling of longing and a little bit of sadness. Sheena and Katarina did well in the photo shoot, while Jodilly had a trouble with her expression as being overdone.

The girls were back to Kuala Lumpur for their final runway. At the model penthouse, they were greeted by previous eliminated models. Jodilly was so emotional when she met Sneha and Nicole, so did Sheena when she met Josephine. The final runway took place at an abandoned railway station inside the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre complex in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. A few hours before the show began, Adam taught the models how to walk in a real runway. Jodilly had a large amount of blisters in her feet, made her really depressed. For the final runway, they modeled three designers' collections, namely Jonathan Liang, Ghea Panggabean and Albert Andrada. Jimmy Choo and a lot of fashion people came to watch the final runway, in addition to Justice Crew which performed that night. Katarina remembered that she was the only girl fell at the first runway challenge back at week one, made her pumped up to do well.

The final panel was divided to two phases. First phase, they will be judged for their last photo shoot. Sheena was praised as being chameleon during the competition and also has more potential to win, Katarina as being grown so much from her first week, and Jodilly was praised for her work ethics and of having a mixture of modern and retro look. As the girls were called back after the first deliberation, Katarina was eliminated because she was considered only be great in a beauty shot, not for the high fashion shoot.

  • Final three: Jodilly Pendre, Katarina Rodriguez & Sheena Liam
  • Eliminated: Katarina Rodriguez

The last judging was based on their final runway. Sheena was once again praised for being a face of modern Asia and having the strongest runway walk, while Jodilly was praised as having a classic Asian look. The girls were later called back, and Sheena was revealed to be the winner of the show.

  • Final two: Jodilly Pendre & Sheena Liam
  • Asia's Next Top Model: Sheena Liam
  • Featured photographer: Mike Rosenthal
  • Special guests: Justice Crew, Kenneth Goh, Ling Tan, Natasha Kraal, Marina Fairfax


Call-out order[edit]

Nadya's call-out order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
1 Tia Nicole Josephine Marie Natalie Jodilly Marie Marie Katarina Jodilly Sheena Katarina Sheena
2 Sheena Jodilly Nicole Josephine Jodilly Josephine Nicole Josephine Jodilly Katarina Jodilly Jodilly Jodilly
3 Josephine Sheena Sheena Poojaa Sheena Nicole Sheena Nicole Sheena Sheena Marie Sheena Katarina
4 Jodilly Thao Katarina Nicole Nicole Sneha Katarina Sheena Marie Marie Katarina Marie
5 Thao Katarina Natalie Natalie Marie Sheena Jodilly Katarina Josephine Nicole Nicole
6 Marie Natalie Tia Tia Janice Katarina Natalie Natalie Nicole Josephine
7 Sneha Sneha Thao Sheena Katarina Marie Josephine Jodilly Natalie
8 Janice Janice Poojaa Katarina Josephine Natalie Tia Tia
9 Bona Josephine Jodilly Jodilly Sneha Janice
10 Katarina Poojaa Marie Sneha Tia
11 Poojaa Jihye Sneha Janice Poojaa
12 Jihye Marie Janice Thao
13 Nicole Tia Jihye
14 Natalie Bona
15 Elektra
16 Jessie
     The contestant was eliminated outside of judging panel
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant was part of a non-elimination bottom two
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 1, Jessie was eliminated outside of judging panel before the photo shoot as a result of having performed the worst during a runway challenge.
  • In episode 3, Marie was rushed to the hospital and was called out in absence during the elimination ceremony.
  • In episode 5, the call-out order was changed by editing: Janice and Katarina were called fifth and sixth respectively, followed by Marie in seventh place.[10][11]
  • In episode 6, the call-out order was changed by editing: Sheena was called fourth, followed by Marie, Sneha and Katarina. Janice and Tia landed in the bottom two, but both of them were saved, as it was determined before judging that no-one would be eliminated.
  • In episode 7, Janice, Sneha and Tia landed in the bottom three. Nadya called Tia first, leaving Janice and Sneha as the bottom two. Nadya proceeded to reveal that the final photograph was blank, eliminating both girls.
  • The footage of episode 11 featured the final five contestants (Jodilly, Katarina, Marie, Nicole and Sheena) participating in a photo shoot for Malaysia Airlines.[12] After the show took two weeks off to prolong the gap between the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 incident and the airing of the episode, the producers of the show decided to omit the episode entirely to respect those affected by the tragedy.[13] The season picked up with the episode preceding the finale, the beginning of which showed the events of the previous episode, in which Katarina and Nicole landed in the bottom two with Nicole being eliminated. Sheena's photograph could be seen displayed in the judging room, having been declared the best photo in episode 11.[14]
  • During the first deliberation of episode 13, the judges reviewed the final photo shoot. After the first deliberation, the three girls were called back to panel, and it was revealed that Katarina was eliminated. During the second deliberation, the judges reviewed Jodilly and Sheena's runway walk. When the girls were called back, Nadya revealed that Sheena was the winner of the competition.

Photo shoot guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 photo shoot: Opening stills
  • Episode 2 photo shoot: Malaysian couture goddesses in Batu Caves
  • Episode 3 photo shoot: Winter wonderland scene in stylish lingerie
  • Episode 4 photo shoot: 60's chic in a hair salon
  • Episode 5 photo shoot: Embodying futuristic sports
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Couture gowns in a Subaru assembly plant
  • Episode 7 photo shoot: TRESemmé ads overlooking the Kuala Lumpur skyline
  • Episode 8 photo shoot: Pangkor Island resort editorial
  • Episode 9 photo shoot: Native jungle warriors in the Borneo jungle
  • Episode 10 photo shoot: Alex Perry gowns in the Gaya Island beach
  • Episode 11 photo shoot: Posing with luggage for Malaysia Airlines
  • Episode 12 photo shoot: Harper's Bazaar editorial
  • Episode 13 photo shoot: Kampung life during nightfall


  • Janice: Chestnut brown and wavy curls
  • Jodilly: Trimmed with pin up fringes
  • Josephine: Victoria Beckham inspired bob cut
  • Katarina: Dark brown and fringes added
  • Marie: Maroon afro inspired by Whitney Houston
  • Natalie: Wavy shoulder length hair
  • Nicole: Rocker chick pixie cut
  • Poojaa: Shoulder length hair
  • Sheena: Bleach blonde with light pink highlights
  • Sneha: Modern bob cut with curls
  • Thao: Hair darkened and straightened
  • Tia: Hair darkened and fringes added

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  1. ^ Episodes 10 and 11 were originally scheduled to air on March 12, 2014 and March 19, 2014 respectively. They were postponed for two weeks due to unforeseen circumstances in commemorating with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
  2. ^ This episode was originally scheduled to air on March 19, 2014 after episode 10, but due to the Flight 370 incident, it was postponed for two weeks. Although it was rescheduled to air on April 2, 2014 the producers of the show later decided to omit the episode altogether to respect the people affected by the tragedy. The pre-finale top four episode was aired in its place. The episode was finally broadcast one month after the season finale, on May 8, 2014 during a season re-run in Indonesia.


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