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History of AsiaXPAT[edit]

AsiaXPAT was conceived in 1999 by and was initially to be a property portal target in Hong Kong.

An initial round of Angel funding helped get the business off the ground before more substantial money was raised from the publicly listed E-KONG in 2010.

The management team of AsiaXPAT expanded the scope of the sites content to include a wide range of services including classifieds, dining, advice forums, news and other resources useful to expats living in Asia.

The AsiaXPAT network was also expanded to include some other major gateway cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

As early as 2005 AsiaXPAT changed its focus from targeting expats and instead began to channel its advertising to attract affluent, English-speaking Asians to the site. A rebranding effort saw the ‘faces’ of AsiaXPAT change from Caucasians to a mix of westerners and Asians. A major multi-media campaign that included TV slots on major sporting events such as the Super Bowl, Wimbledon Finals, Premier League Football and a number of Formula races as well as print advertisements in prominent publications such as the International Herald Tribune were used to convey the new message that AsiaXPAT was a portal for professionals of any ethnicity.