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Headquarters 18/F, CNT Tower, 338 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Founder(s) Ken Lo, Dave Chapman, Hugh Madden
CEO Ken Lo
Industry FinTech, Blockchain Solution, Digital Assets

ANX INTERNATIONAL (formerly known as Asia Nexgen[1]) is a Hong Kong-based financial technology company that provides solutions based on blockchain technology.[2] The company serves over 3 million users in more than 50 countries and has processed over 100 million transactions since its establishment.[3] In 2016, ANX launched ANX Blockchain Services (ABS), which is a cloud platform for customers to generate digital assets, digital wallets, and branded exchange platforms.[4]

Company Growth[edit]

ANX International was founded in 2013 by Ken Lo, Dave Chapman and Hugh Madden. Lo now serves as Chief Executive Officer, Chapman serves as Chief Operating Officer, and Madden serves as Chief Technology Officer.[3]

In February 2014, the company launched the world's first digital assets physical retail store in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong,[5][6] allowing buyers to walk into the store, pay cash and send digital assets to their virtual wallets instead of buying with credit cards on online exchanges.[7][8]

In March 2014, ANX International announced the launch of digital asset ATMs,[9] which were the first digital asset ATMs in Hong Kong.[10] The machines accept deposits of Hong Kong dollars in exchange for digital assets.

In July 2014, ANX introduced one of the first digital asset debit cards that can be used worldwide at any merchant that support the respective payment networks.[11][12] To remedy the situation of digital assets not being widely accepted, ANX merged digital assets with traditional card payments.[13] Users can reload funds to the debit cards with digital assets and the card can then be used for both online and Point of Sale purchases, as well as withdrawals through the Global AT&T Network.[14] In June 2017, AXN International’s OpenANX ICO raised $14 million over sale of 22 million OAX tokens.[15]

Major Products and Services[edit]

ANX Blockchain Services (ABS)[edit]

Launched in May 2016,[16] ANX Blockchain Services is a cloud platform built on blockchain technology, which can be implemented across a wide range of industries.[17] It is a self-service platform for users to create digital assets, digital wallets, and branded exchange platforms.[18] Potential applications include loyalty programs, payment applications, token systems, voucher systems, coupon applications, registry systems and more. ABS requires no software installation and is free to use.[19] Users can create unique customised digital assets to suit their business needs and determine how many digital assets to create.[20] Digital wallets and exchange platforms can be customised with company logo, colour scheme, and personalised content, allowing digital assets to be sent and received within the network.[4] Added-on managed services are also available for ABS users.

Digital Assets White Label Solutions[edit]

Digital Assets White Label Solutions include technical development, infrastructure hosting, maintenance and security, customer support, payment processing, distribution, and regulatory compliance.[21] ANX provides digital assets exchange setup, coin development, API for custom digital assets, mobile app and wallet services.


ANX operates a digital assets exchange platform called ANXPRO.[22] It originated from ANXBTC and is designed for experienced digital assets traders, specialising in Altcoins, Algos and Performance. The order engine delivers pre-scan pricing and users can choose to either fix the quantity of digital assets or fix the price paid for every order. The trading platform is modelled on the same LMAX/disruptor pattern leveraged by the world’s largest investment banks. It also features one consolidated shared order book for blended multi-currency settlement in addition to real time FX pricing and risk management.[23] ANX developed a white-label digital currency exchange based on ANXPRO's trading platform for Bit-X Financial Corp., a Canadian company listed on the OTC.QB under the trading symbol BITXF. [24]

ANX Vault App[edit]

In April 2014, ANX Vault App was launched on the App Store[25] and Google Play Store.[26] Users can login their ANXPRO account via a mobile interface using the app. It features high security encryption, one-time passwords, and send privilege controls. The app relies on industrial strength security standards, including a three-factor authentication optical. It supports major fiat currencies and digital assets.[27] All customer funds are held in cold storage for protection against hackers.[28] ANX works with a leading provider of DDoS protection services, and multi-firewall protection is also implemented into services. All servers are hosted in a Tier 3 compliant data centre.[1]

Payment Solutions[edit]

ANX Payment Solutions offer transaction acquiring services and digital asset debit card payout solutions.[29] ANX is one of the first digital assets exchanges in Hong Kong to officially be issued the Money Services Operator (MSO) license,[30] providing day-to-day foreign exchange services for worldwide markets.

Next Commerce Solutions[edit]

ANX Next Commerce Solutions offer customers advisory services and managed services, including customised digital asset solutions, technological advices, regulatory compliance, systems administration, customer service and more.[31]


In November 2014, ANX acquired Norwegian exchange Justcoin,[32] expanding its presence in the European market. Justcoin moved to run on ANX infrastructure and incorporated features available from ANX technology. ANX was able to migrate the Justcoin platform in "less than a week"[33] with proprietary trading engine and white-label capabilities.

In January 2015, ANX announced the acquisition of CoinMkt,[34] the Santa Monica-based digital assets exchange. CoinMkt continued to operate under its original brand name, but resided under the umbrella of ANX.[35]


The Payment Processing specialist Vogogo signed an agreement with ANXPRO and The Rock Trading Company of Malta, a Maltese-based exchanges, in December 2014.[36] Rock Trading and ANXPRO will be integrated with Vogogo's payment processing and risk management platform,[37] enabling each to offer users their respective platform's transactions between digital assets and fiat currencies in the US, Canada and the European Union.[38]

In January 2015, ANX added "Black Gold" Coin,[39] which was launched by National Aten Coin.[40] Clients in National Aten Coin (NAC) will have instant access to ANXPRO's UI, shared order book for multi-currency settlement, real time FX pricing, deposit options and risk management and trading tools.[41]

In October 2016, ANX became one of the first joiners of the Multichain partner program for blockchain developers, along with Accenture, D+H, Mphasis and more.[42][43] The program is designed to foster the relationship between Multichain and the growing number of IT consulting companies and blockchain solution providers building on the platform.[44]


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