Asia Oceania Tax Consultants' Association

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Asia Oceania Tax Consultants' Association (AOTCA)
AOTCA Logo.jpg
Formation 1992
Type Professional association
Headquarters Sydney, NSW, Australia
Region served
Asia, Oceania
Official language
Thomas Lee

The Asia Oceania Tax Consultants' Association (AOTCA) was founded in 1992 in Tokyo. The AOTCA is an umbrella organisation that embraces 21 national organisations from 17 Asia-Oceanic states and within them over 400,000 tax advisers.

The purpose of the AOTCA is to bring together all tax advisers' organisations of all Asia and Oceanic states and to safeguard the professional interests of tax advisers and to assure the quality of tax services provided to the public. The AOTCA aims to promote the further development of the national laws governing the profession, to exchange information about national tax and professional laws and the development of the tax and professional law in Asia and Oceania, to maintain relations with the authorities at national and international levels, and most of all to bring to those authorities the experience of practitioners of all areas of taxation and of professional law. The AOTCA also aims to inform the public about the services that tax advisers provide, to facilitate co-operation in all areas which are of common interest to tax advisers of the Asia-Oceania region, and to seek to provide the best possible conditions for the tax advisers to carry out their profession.


The General Meeting is the governing body of the AOTCA and the General Council is the highest-ranking administrative body. It is in charge of the day-to-day running of the AOTCA.


AOTCA convenes a general council meeting annually and a general meeting bi-annually in collaboration with a host organization. At the time of convening meetings, it holds technical sessions and discussions on local and international tax matters, investment, etc.[1]

Year Location Host Member Event Documents
2009 Mumbai, India All India Federation of Tax Practitioners Link
2010 Sydney, Australia The Tax Institute Link
2011 Bali, Indonesia Indonesian Tax Consultants Association Link


AOTCA promotes cooperative relationships with CFE and SGATAR (Study Group on Asian Tax Administration and Research), a forum for tax administration. Since 2005, AOTCA and those organizations send representatives to respective annual meeting on reciprocal basis for exchanging information. AOTCA is trying to enhance recognition of significant roles of tax professionals through these channels.

AOTCA is also cooperating with CFE and STEP in the development a charter of tax payer's rights.


There are 21 members, 1 associate members and one headquarter member.[2]

Country Status Acronym Organization
Australia Headquarter AOTCA AOTCA Headquarters
Australia Member CPAA CPA Australia
Australia Member IPA Institute of Public Accountants
Australia Member The Tax Institute
Bangladesh Associate CCTAA Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh
China Member CCTA The Chinese Certified Tax Agents Association
Chinese Taipei Member Tax-Accountancy Association Union of Chinese Taipei
Hong Kong Member HKICPA Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Hong Kong Member TIHK The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong
India Member AIFTP All India Federation of Tax Practitioners
Indonesia Member IKPI Indonesian Tax Consultants Association (Ikatan Konsultan Pajak Indonesia)
Japan Member JTRI Japan Tax Research Institute
Japan Member Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants' Associations
Korea Member KACPTA Korean Association of Certified Public Tax Accountants
Malaysia Member CTIM Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia
Mongolia Member Mongolian Certified Public Tax Accountants & Consultants Association
Pakistan Member PTBA Pakistan Tax Bar Association
Philippines Member PTBA The Tax Management Association of the Philippines
Singapore Member ICPAS Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore
Sri Lanka Member ICASL Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka
Thailand Associate FAP Federation of Accounting Professions of Thailand
Vietnam Member VTCA Vietnam Tax Consultants' Association


There have been 5 presidents in AOTCA's history.[3]

Tenure President Secretary General Secretariat
1993–1996 Teruaki Kataoka Norihisa Maeda Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants' Associations
1997–2000 David Russell QC Peter Cowdroy & Noel Rowland Taxation Institute of Australia
2001–2004 Jong-Tae Koo Yong-Ro Lee & Luck Chang Korean Association of Certified Public Tax Accountants
2005–2008 Kinjiro Mori Hirotaka Ishii Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants' Associations
2009-2012 Gil Levy Noel Rowland The Tax Institute (Australia)
2012-current Thomas Lee Noel Rowland The Tax Institute (Australia)


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