Asia Pacific Poker Tour season 4 results

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Below are the results of the 4th season of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour.[1][2] All currencies are US dollars unless otherwise stated.


Philippines APPT Manila[edit]

  • Casino: Hyatt Hotel & Casino Manila
  • Buy-in: $2,700
  • 6-Day Event: Mar 20-25, 2010
  • Number of buy-ins: 430
  • Total Prize Pool: $1,042,750
  • Number of Payouts: 52
Final Table
Place Name Prize
1st United States Binh Nguyen $260,700
2nd United Kingdom Gordon Huntly $166,800
3rd Malaysia Charles Chua $93,850
4th Hong Kong Terrence Chan $71,500
5th South Korea Sunny Jung $54,700
6th Singapore Choon Kwang Lim $44,300
7th United States Victor Chang $33,900
8th Philippines Kirby Te $26,600
9th Chinese Taipei Jackal Lee $19,800

Macau APPT Macao[edit]

  • Casino: Casino Grand Lisboa
  • Buy-in: 37,600+2,400 HKD (5,160 USD)
  • 6-Day Event: May 18–23, 2010
  • Number of buy-ins: 342
  • Total Prize Pool: $1,639,372
  • Number of Payouts: 40
Final Table
Place Name Prize
1st United States Victorino Torres $418,026
2nd China 'John' Wing Chong $268,880
3rd New Zealand Cole Swannack $151,644
4th Denmark Jeppe Drivsholm $114,738
5th Denmark Kenny Nielsen $90,142
6th Costa Rica Brian Green $73,775
7th Norway Kai Paulsen $57,382
8th United States Albert Kim $45,084
9th England Keith 'The Camel' Hawkins $32,787

New Zealand APPT Auckland[edit]

  • Casino: Skycity Casino
  • Buy-in: 3,250 NZD ($2,275)
  • 5-Day Event: Sep 15-19, 2010
  • Number of buy-ins: 218
  • Total Prize Pool: NZ$654,000
  • Number of Payouts: 24
Final Table
Place Name Prize
1st New Zealand Danny 'Brotha D' Leaoasavaii NZ$170,000
2nd Australia Tom Grigg NZ$107,900
3rd New Zealand Srdjan Mitrovic NZ$60,500
4th Australia Danny Silk NZ$49,050
5th Hungary Tamas Lendvai NZ$40,900
6th New Zealand Ropati Toleafoa NZ$34,400
7th Spain Santi Soriano Ramos NZ$27,800
8th United States Noah Vogleman NZ$21,250
9th Australia Leo Boxell NZ$16,350

Philippines APPT Cebu[edit]

  • Casino: Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa
  • Buy-in: 100,000 PHP (2,165 USD)
  • 5-Day Event: Nov 12-16, 2010
  • Number of buy-ins: 239
  • Total Prize Pool: PHP 21,518,480 (approx US$490,170)
  • Number of Payouts: 28
Final Table
Place Name Prize
1st South Korea Young-shin Im PHP 5,810,000
2nd Australia Fabiano Michael PHP 3,660,000
3rd South Korea Kim Gap Young PHP 2,045,000
4th Sweden Mikael Rosen PHP 1,560,000
5th Malaysia Daren Yoon PHP 1,290,000
6th United States Basilios Diakokomninos PHP 1,025,000
7th Sweden Jukka Juvonen PHP 805,000
8th Canada Richard En PHP 645,000
9th Australia Raymond Lapitan PHP 485,480

Australia APPT Sydney[edit]

  • Casino: Star City Casino
  • Buy-in: 6,300 A$ ($5,650)
  • 6-Day Event: Dec 7-12, 2010
  • Number of buy-ins: 289
  • Total Prize Pool: A$1,734,000
  • Number of Payouts: 32
Final Table
Place Name Prize
1st Australia Jonathan Karamalikis A$459,510
2nd Australia Ben McLean A$294,780
3rd Australia Tom Rafferty A$164,730
4th Australia Peco Stojanovski A$121,380
5th France Antoine Amourette A$97,970
6th United States Eddy Sabat A$79,765
7th Australia Manuel Hansimikali A$65,025
8th United Kingdom Roland de Wolfe A$50,285
9th Canada Daniel Negreanu A$36,415


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