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Asiaciti Trust is an international trust and corporate services company. It provides fiduciary, wealth transfer, and administrative services, and has operations throughout Asia, Central America, and the Pacific.[1][2]


Asiaciti Trust was established in 1978. The founder of Asiaciti Trust, Graeme W Briggs, was formerly the international tax partner of Marquand & Co. He acquired the international operations of Marquand & Co in 1975. Briggs was also a founding Senator of the Offshore Institute.[3] Asiaciti Trust is also involved in several charity projects through its Asiaciti Trust Charitable Foundation. One of its biggest projects is Latin American Roaming Art (LARA).[4] In 2018, Asiaciti Trust sponsored the Middle East Wealth Management Forum in Dubai.[5]

Awards and accolades[edit]

  • 2018, Winner Independent Trust or Fiduciary [6]
  • 2015, AI International Finance Awards 2015 [7]
  • 2013, Acquisition International Awards 2013 [8]


The company was associated with the Paradise Papers data theft.[9]

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