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Total population
5,556,692 (13.6%)
English, Spanish[1] Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Hindustani, Korean, Japanese, Khmer, Hmong, Thai, Lao, other Languages of Asia
Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Irreligion, Others
Related ethnic groups
Asian Americans

Asian Californians are residents of the state of California who are of Asian ancestry. California has the largest Asian American population in the U.S., and second highest proportion of Asian American residents, after Hawaii. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, Asian-Americans were 13.6% of the state's population.[2] The largest Asian American ethnic subgroups in California are Filipino Americans, Chinese Americans, Vietnamese Americans, and Indian Americans. Asian Americans in California are concentrated in the San Francisco and Los Angeles metropolitan areas.


Including those with partial Asian ancestry, the following Asian ethnic groups in California are: Filipino (3.9%, 1,474,707), Chinese (except Taiwanese; 3.6%, 1,349,111), Vietnamese (647,589, 1.7%), Indians (590,445, 1.5%), Koreans (505,225, 1.3%), Japanese (428,014, 1.1%), Taiwanese (109,928, 0.2%), Cambodians (102,317, 0.2%), Hmong (91,224, 0.2%), Laotians (69,303, 0.2%), Thai (67,707, 0.1%), Pakistanis (53,474, 0.1%), Indonesians (39,506, 0.1%), Burmese (17,978, 0.05%), Sri Lankans (11,929, 0.03%), Bangladeshis (10,494, 0.03%), Nepalese (6,231, 0.01%), Malaysians (5,595, 0.01%), Mongolians (4,993, 0.1%), Singaporeans (1,513, 0.004%), Okinawans (1,377, 0.003%), and Bhutanese (750, 0.001%).[2]

Ethnic groups[edit]


There are many Cambodians in Long Beach, Stockton, and Fresno.


San Francisco is 21.4% Chinese, and the San Francisco Bay Area is 8% Chinese. Many of the Chinese Americans are Cantonese-speaking immigrants or descendants from Guangdong province and Hong Kong. There are also many Taiwanese and mainland Chinese immigrants in the Silicon Valley area.

Los Angeles is 1.8% Chinese, and Los Angeles County is 4% Chinese. A large portion of the Chinese population resides in the San Gabriel Valley, many of whom are Taiwanese immigrants.


San Jose is 10% Vietnamese, and the San Francisco Bay Area has a sizable Vietnamese population.

Orange County has a large Vietnamese population, with much of the population in Garden Grove.


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