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The Asian Australian Football Championships are an annual tournament of Australian rules football between mainly expat-Australian teams from around Asia.


Hong Kong Dragons after winning the 2007 Asian Australian Football Championships

The Asian Australian Football Championships were first held in 2000, although a precursor tournament named the Four Nations Cup was held in Bangkok, Thailand in 1999. The tournament is considered the pinnacle of Asian Australian football calendar and is challenged by teams from over a dozen Asian countries.

Teams that have competed include the Hong Kong Dragons, Singapore Wombats, Bali Geckos, Brunei Sharks, China Blues, China Reds, Japan Goannas, Philippine Eagles, Indonesian Bintangs (as a combined Jakarta and Bali side in early years), Jakarta Bintangs, Thailand Tigers, Vietnam Swans, Malaysian Warriors, Dubai Heat and Lao Elephants.

There was an offer in 2005 to make the championships part of the Arafura Games, in Darwin, Australia, but this was turned down by Asian clubs.

The 2015 competition featured a two-division format for the first time, with a record 404 participants across 13 teams, including 40 local players from China, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. An East Asia vs South East Asia local player exhibition game was also held for the first time.[1]

The 2016 competition was held on Saturday October 15 at RMIT University Vietnam Saigon Campus. The tournament featured a two-division format as in the 2015 competition. [2]

Tournament statistics[edit]

Year Venue Champions Junior Champions Div 2 Champions All-Asia Cup Winners
1999 Bangkok, Thailand Singapore Wombats - - -
2000 Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesian Bintangs - - -
2001 Bangkok, Thailand Singapore Wombats - - -
2002 Singapore Indonesian Bintangs - - -
2003 Hong Kong Hong Kong Dragons - - -
2004 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Hong Kong Dragons - - -
2005 Manila, the Philippines Singapore Wombats - - -
2006 Jakarta, Indonesia Singapore Wombats - - -
2007 Bangkok, Thailand Hong Kong Dragons - - -
2008 Singapore Dubai Heat Jakarta Bulldogs - -
2009 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Dubai Heat Jakarta Bulldogs - -
2010 Shanghai, China Dubai Heat - - -
2011 Bangkok, Thailand Singapore Wombats - - -
2012 Pattaya, Thailand Hong Kong Dragons - - -
2013 Pattaya, Thailand Hong Kong Dragons - - -
2014 Angeles City, Philippines Singapore Wombats [3] - - -
2015 Bangkok, Thailand Hong Kong Dragons [4] - Lao Elephants -
2016 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Philippine Eagles [5] - Bali Geckos Indonesia Garudas

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