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Asian College of Technology - International Educational Foundation
Asian College of Technology (emblem).jpg
Former names
Asian Computer Institute (ACI)
Motto Sapientia Est Potestas
Motto in English
Wisdom is Power
Type Private
Established 1988
President Rodrigo A. Abellanosa
Academic staff
Undergraduates 6,700
Postgraduates 2,400
Location Cebu City, Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines
Campus ACT - Cebu City Cyber Tower Campus, ACT - Bulacao Campus
Not to be confused with Asian College which was once known as Asian College of Science and Technology

The Asian College of Technology - International Educational Foundation (ACT-IEF) is a private college in the Philippines, located in Cebu City and Talisay City, in the Cebu province.

It consists of two campuses located in Metro Cebu : the ACT - Cebu City CyberTower Campus, which is the main campus located at corner Leon Kilat and P. del Rosario Streets in Cebu City, and the ACT - Bulacao Campus, located in Cebu South Road, Bulacao, Talisay City.

The founder and president of ACT is Rodrigo A. Abellanosa, a Cebu City Congressman.[1]


The Asian College of Technology was founded on September 19, 1988, in Colon Street in downtown Cebu City, as the Asian Computer Institute (ACI).

On May 14, 1992, the Asian Computer Institute was incorporated as the Asian College of Technology, with the establishment of the ACT-Bulacao Campus in Talisay City, which currently hosts the ACT Integrated School Division (ACT-ISD), established in 1994, hosting the pre-school, grade school and high school. The campus in Colon St. later moved to its present location at corner Leon Kilat and P. del Rosario Sts. on the newly built CyberTower which serves as its main campus.

From 2005 to 2010, ACT was awarded as the Best Computer School for Five Consecutive Years in Metro Cebu by the National Council for Product and Service Quality.

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