Asian Correspondent

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Asian Correspondent
Type of site
News & blogging
Available inEnglish
HeadquartersColston Tower, Colston Street, Bristol
OwnerHybrid (media company)
Created byJames Craven (Managing Director)
Launched19 October 2009
Current statusDefunct

Asian Correspondent was an English language news website launched in October 2009 by Hybrid (media company) that combined articles by professional journalists, bloggers and news wire content in one website.[1] Asian Correspondent was the online partner for the Associated Press in Asia, and provided breaking news, opinion pieces, and analysis for the Asia-Pacific region.

As of 20 Sept 2021, the website is gone, and any attempts to load a page within the domain are redirected to


Asian Correspondent is a combination of news stories, analysis, and blog content, a format which has earned the website comparisons to the Huffington Post.[2] The site is divided in sections including News, Politics, Education, Media, Environment, Culture, Travel, and Technology.

Less than a year after its creation, in May 2010, Asian Correspondent hit the millionth visitor mark,[3]

In the media[edit]

Asian Correspondent is often quoted in other media. has cited its content on multiple occasions, most recently in May 2014 for its coverage of the military coup[4] in Thailand, as well as in July 2013 for a story about bitcoin.[5]


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