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Asian Rugby Championship
Current season or competition:
2015 Asian Rugby Championship
Sport Rugby union
Formerly known as 2008
Instituted 1969 (as ARC)
2008 (as Asian Five Nations)
2015 (returned to ARC)
Inaugural season 2015
Region Asia (ARFU)

The Asian Rugby Championship, or ARC, is an annual rugby union competition held amongst Asian national rugby sides, with in the ARFU region. The current format is Asia's third adapted Asian competition, as it is the successor to the original Asian Rugby Championship (1969-2007) and Asian Five Nations (2008-2014). Predominantly, the overall winner of the Tri Nations division is seen as the Asian champion, by virtue of that Division including the top three Asian teams in each year. Division 1 includes the next four teams and Division 2 including the next four. Division three is separated further to accommodate as many teams as possible in one Division. Each of the West, East and South Central division includes three teams.

Japan is the most successful team in the combined competitions from 1969, securing 25 out of the possible 31 titles, and since 2005 Japan, have been consecutively the Asian Champions, a title they still hold, having won the 2014 Asian Five Nations.


The Asian Rugby Championship was initially formed in 1969 when Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Thailand contested for the inaugural Asian Rugby Championship title. Japan were the champions on this occasion. It wasn't until 1982 when South Korea became just the second team to win the title in 8 attempts, and between 1969 and 2007, Japan and Korea were the only victors of the competition. The teams competing in that competition did range year to year, with as many as 12 teams competing, with other Asian teams joining the competition. Between 1969 and 1996, only a single Division split between 2 groups existed. But in 1998, a second Division was introduced as the game began to grow in Asia. In 2003, a second Asian competition was formed in the likes of Asian Rugby Series, a competition that ran along aide the Rugby Championship to help determine Division allocation. With more teams therefore competing, a third Division was added to the competition. This dual-competition ran until 2007, as in 2008, the ARFU merged both the Rugby Championship and Rugby Series into one tournament, The Asian Five Nations. In this competition, a promotion-relegation format was introduced, with the winner of Division 2 replacing the loser of Division 1, and the winner of Division 1 replacing the loser of the Five Nations. For its inaugural years, no Division 3 took place, though several regional Divisions were implemented across Asia. During the time of this competition, the main Five Nations Division was heavily dominated by Hong Kong and Japan who are the only three teams never to have been relegated to a lower divisions.


The current format sees the competition separated into various divisions, with a promotion and relegation format operated into each division. However, this only applies to Division 1 through 3, as the loser of the Tri Nations Division will play a play-off match against the winner of Division 1 to determine the third Tri Nations team for the following year. Where as the winners of Division 2 will automatically replace the loser of Division 1, and the two bottom placed teams in Division 2 will both be relegated down to one of the three regions in Division 3; West, East or South Central. Each of the three regions are made up three teams, and as of 2015, only the winners of the South Central and East divisions can be both be promoted to Division 2. This is because, the teams competing in the West region, are not considered as full members by World Rugby.

In the main Tri Nations division, each team will play each other on an home and away basis, picking up 5 points for a win and 3 for a draw. 2 additional points are up for grabs through bonus points, but in order to earn them, teams need to score 4 or more tries in a match, or when losing, lose by 7 points or less. For all Divisions, 1 through to 3, nations will only play each other once, with one of the included teams hosting all matches at home. These teams will also aim to pick points up for a win or draw, and gain bonus points. For all divisions, the team with the most table points wins their respective divisions, and if possible, earns promotion to the next division.

Current divisions (2015)[edit]

Tri Nations
 Hong Kong
 South Korea
Division 1
 Sri Lanka
Division 2
 Chinese Taipei
 United Arab Emirates
Division 3
East West South Central
 China  Iran  India
 Guam  Lebanon  Pakistan
 Indonesia  Jordan  Uzbekistan

Previous winners[edit]

Asian Rugby Championship 1969–1996[edit]

Year Host No. of Teams Winner Runner-up Third
1969 Japan Tokyo 5  Japan  South Korea  Hong Kong
1970 Thailand Bangkok 5  Japan  South Korea N/A
1972 Hong Kong Hong Kong 7  Japan  Hong Kong  Thailand
1974 Sri Lanka Colombo 8  Japan  Sri Lanka  South Korea
1976 Japan Tokyo 8  Japan  South Korea N/A
1978 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 7  Japan  South Korea  Singapore
1980 Taiwan Taipei 8  Japan  South Korea  Hong Kong
1982 Singapore Singapore 8  South Korea  Japan  Hong Kong
1984 Japan Fukuoka 8  Japan  South Korea  Taiwan
1986 Thailand Bangkok 8  South Korea  Japan  Thailand
1988 Hong Kong Hong Kong 8  South Korea  Japan  Hong Kong
1990 Sri Lanka Colombo 8  South Korea  Japan  Hong Kong
1992 Hong Kong Hong Kong 8  Japan  Hong Kong  South Korea
1994 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 8  Japan  South Korea  Hong Kong
1996 Taiwan Taipei 7  Japan  South Korea  Hong Kong

Asian Rugby Championship 1998–2007[edit]

Year Venue Division Winner Runner-up Third
1998 Singapore Singapore 1  Japan  South Korea  Hong Kong
2  Singapore  Sri Lanka  Thailand
2000 Japan Aomori
Japan Ōwani
1  Japan  South Korea  Taiwan
2  Singapore  China  Sri Lanka
2002 Thailand Bangkok 1  South Korea  Japan  Hong Kong
2  Thailand  Kazakhstan  Sri Lanka
2004 Hong Kong Hong Kong 1  Japan  South Korea  Hong Kong
2  Singapore  Thailand  Singapore
3  China  Sri Lanka  India
2006-07 Hong Kong Hong Kong
Sri Lanka Colombo
1  Japan  South Korea  Hong Kong
2  Kazakhstan  Sri Lanka  China
3  Iran  India  Pakistan

Asian Five Nations 2008-2014[edit]

Asian Five Nations Logo

Top 5[edit]

Year Winner Runner-up Third Fourth Fifth /
2008  Japan  South Korea  Hong Kong  Kazakhstan  Arabian Gulf
2009  Japan  Kazakhstan  South Korea  Hong Kong  Singapore
2010  Japan  Kazakhstan  Hong Kong  Arabian Gulf  South Korea
2011  Japan  Hong Kong  United Arab Emirates  Kazakhstan  Sri Lanka
2012  Japan  South Korea  Hong Kong  United Arab Emirates  Kazakhstan
2013  Japan  South Korea  Hong Kong  Philippines  United Arab Emirates
2014  Japan  Hong Kong  South Korea N/A  Philippines
 Sri Lanka


Year Division Host No. of Teams Winner/Promoted Runner-up Relegated
2008 1 Taiwan Taiwan 4  Singapore  Chinese Taipei  China
2 Thailand Thailand 4  Thailand  Malaysia N/A
2009 1 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 4 Arabian Gulf  Chinese Taipei  Thailand
2 Malaysia Malaysia 4  Malaysia  China  Pakistan
3 Philippines Philippines 4  Philippines  Guam N/A
2010 1 Singapore Singapore 4  Sri Lanka  Singapore  Chinese Taipei
2 India India 4  Philippines  India  China
3 Indonesia Indonesia 4  Iran  Pakistan N/A
4 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 4  Jordan  Uzbekistan N/A
2011 1 South Korea South Korea 4  South Korea  Singapore  Malaysia
2 Thailand Thailand 4  Chinese Taipei  Thailand  India
3 Indonesia Indonesia 4  China  Guam N/A
4 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 4  Qatar  Lebanon N/A
5 Cambodia Cambodia
Laos Laos
2  Laos  Cambodia N/A
2012 1 Philippines Philippines 4  Philippines  Sri Lanka  Singapore
2 Malaysia Malaysia 4  Thailand  Malaysia  China
3 Indonesia Indonesia 4  India  Guam  Pakistan
4 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 4  Qatar  Lebanon N/A
5 Cambodia Cambodia 3  Laos  Brunei N/A
2013 1 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 4  Sri Lanka  Kazakhstan  Thailand
2 Malaysia Malaysia 4  Singapore  Malaysia  India
3 Malaysia Malaysia 4  Qatar  Guam N/A
4 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 4  Lebanon  Pakistan N/A
5 Cambodia Cambodia 2  Cambodia  Brunei N/A
2014 1 Hong Kong Hong Kong
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
2  Kazakhstan
N/A  Chinese Taipei
 United Arab Emirates
2 Qatar Qatar 4  Malaysia  Qatar N/A
3E Laos Laos 4  China  Guam N/A
3W Pakistan Pakistan 4  Lebanon  Uzbekistan N/A
4 Brunei Brunei 3  Mongolia  Cambodia N/A

Asian Rugby Championship 2015-Present[edit]

Tri Nations[edit]

Year Winner Runner-up Third /
2015  Japan  Hong Kong  South Korea

Top 3 Challenge[edit]

Year Promoted Relegated
2015 Match cancelled


Year Division Host No. of Teams Winner/Promoted Runner-up Relegated
2015 1 Philippines Philippines 4  Sri Lanka  Philippines  Singapore
2 Malaysia Malaysia 4  Malaysia  United Arab Emirates  Thailand
3E Indonesia Indonesia 3  Guam  China
3W Lebanon Lebanon 3/4  Lebanon  Iran
3SC Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 2  Uzbekistan  India

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