Asian Handball Federation

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Asian Handball Federation
AHF (logo).png
Logo of Asian Handball Federation
Abbreviation AHF
Formation 26 August 1974
Founded at Tehran, Iran
Type Sports Federation
Purpose Development of Handball in Asia
Headquarters Kuwait City, Kuwait
44 Members
Official language
English & Arabic
Kuwait Ahmed Al-Fahad
Secretary General
Pakistan Muhammad Shafiq

The Asian Handball Federation, often referred to by the acronym AHF, is the administrative and controlling body for Asian team handball. It represents the national handball associations of Asia.


As of February 5, 2008, the AHF imposed a warning and $1,000 fine each to Japan and South Korea, due to the disputes surrounding the rematch of the qualifiers for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing after AHF's controversial decision to replace referees during the original qualifying tournaments which took place in September 2007.

Formation of AHF[edit]

The march of the Asian Handball Federation had began when the Martyr Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah head of the Kuwaiti delegation to the 7th Asian Games, TehranIran – 1974, presented a motion to the Executive Committee of the Asian Games requesting recognition of the Handball game and also formation of the Asian Handball Federation.

This historical motion was based on the fact that the Handball game is widely played in Asian. It was a demand of time that official and technical support to the game is enhanced in order to achieve its further development and expansion in the Asian region.

Accordingly, the Asian Games Federation during it’s meeting on 26th of August 1974, had recognized handball as an official game to nineteen at that time.

In view of these proceedings Martyr Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah took the initiative to invite delegation heads present in Tehran to a meeting for a formal discussion on establishment of the Asian Handball Federation.

After debates and detailed discussions on functions and activities of the federation, AHF’s establishment was simultaneously approved and the board lines that were working on it are defined. The meeting had also elected the Martyr Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah as a caretaker President and Mr. Syad Abul Hassan as a caretaker Secretary General of the Federation. Both officials were also given the responsibilities of drafting the Federation’s statues and By-Laws.

Consequently, in 1976, Handball Federations from all over Asia were invited to attend the establishment meeting during which representatives from fourteen Asian countries were present in addition to the Secretary General of International Handball Federation. This meeting formally announced establishment of the Asian Handball Federation confirming to its Status and By-Laws. Thus the first Council of the AHF was elected and the Executive Committee was formed. State of Kuwait was chosen to be Federation’s Headquarters and since then the Government of Kuwait has hosted the Federation extending necessary support to it’s operation and activities by all means which includes the annual financial grant. Since its establishment in year 1974, AHF activities have been progressively expanding as its strategy has been focused on development and expansion of the handball game in the Asian continent. AHF members have been also actively involved in the remarkable achievements throughout the way.

List of AHF Presidents[edit]

S. No. Name Country Term
1. Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah  Kuwait 26th August 1974 - 2nd August 1990
2. Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah  Kuwait 2nd August 1990 - Till Date

Current Office Bearers[edit]

Designation Name
President Kuwait Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah
1st Vice President Japan Yoshihide Watanabe
Vice President Lebanon Abdullah Ashour
Vice President Iran Ali Reza Rahimi
Vice President China Meng Wei
Secretary General Pakistan Muhammad Shafiq
Executive Director Kuwait Ahmed Abu Al Lail
Treasurer Kuwait Bader Al-Theyab
Council Member Saudi Arabia Salman Bin Mohammed Al-Sudsiri
Council Member Kazakhstan Gulnara Turlykhanova
Council Member South Korea Sin Soo Kim
Council Member United Arab Emirates Sami Saeed Al-Nuaimi
Council Member Oman Amin Al-Barwany
Council Member Thailand Sombat Kuruphan

Affiliated Member Countries[edit]

Central Asia[edit]

S. No. Nation Federation
1  Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Handball Federation
2  Kyrgyzstan Kyrghystan Handball Federation
3  Tajikistan Handball Federation of Tajikistan
4  Turkmenistan Handball Federation of Turkmenistan
5  Uzbekistan Uzbek Handball Federation

East Asia[edit]

S. No. Nation Federation
1  China Chinese Handball Association
2  Hong Kong Handball Association of Hong Kong
3  Japan Japan Handball Association
4  South Korea Korea Handball Federation
5  Macau Macau-China Handball Association
6  Mongolia Mongolian Handball Federation
7  North Korea Handball Association of DPR Korea
8  Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Handball Association

South Asia[edit]

S. No. Nation Federation
1  Afghanistan Afghanistan Handball Federation
2  Bangladesh Bangladesh Handball Federation
3  Bhutan Bhutan Handball Federation
4  India Handball Federation of India
5  Maldives National Handball Association of Maldives
6    Nepal Nepal Handball Association
7  Pakistan Pakistan Handball Federation
8  Sri Lanka Handball Federation of Sri Lanka

South-East Asia[edit]

S. No. Nation Federation
1  Brunei Brunei Handball Federation
2  Cambodia Cambodia Handball Association
3  Indonesia Indonesia Handball Association
4  Laos Laos Handball Federation
5  Myanmar Myanmar Handball Federation
6  Malaysia Malaysian Handball Federation
7  Philippines Philippine Handball Federation
8  Singapore Handball Federation Singapore
9  Thailand Handball Association of Thailand
10  Timor-Leste East Timor Handball Association
11  Vietnam Vietnam Handball Confederation

West Asia[edit]

S. No. Nation Federation
1  Bahrain Bahrain Handball Association
2  Iran Islamic Republic of Iran Handball Federation
3  Iraq Iraq Handball Federation
4  Jordan Jordan Handball Federation
5  Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Handball Federation
6  Kuwait Kuwait Handball Association
7  Lebanon Lebanese Handball Federation
8  Oman Oman Handball Association
9  Palestine Palestinian Handball Federation
10  Qatar Qatar Handball Association
11  Syria Syrian Arab Handball Federation
12  United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Handball Federation
13  Yemen Yemen Handball Association

  • Kuwait Handball Association had been suspended by IHF.




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