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Asian Sex Gazette is a news media site that reports on matters of human sexuality in Asia. First published online in 2004 Asian Sex Gazette tottered along with limited exposure and was at times off-handedly dismissed by some as a 'porn site'. The editors and writers trudged on though, believing that their effort to cover the often under-reported issues on sex in Asia to be a good cause.[1]

The site combines a mix of original, exclusive content written by its editors and a group of freelance contributors based throughout Asia along with press dispatches and wire copy to round out their coverage. The editor of the site is William Sparrow who is based in Hong Kong and has nearly a decade of reporting experience from east Asia.

Asian Sex Gazette's break came in late 2004 when they were the first English language publication to report on the Thai actress Natt Chanapa pornography scandal in Thailand. The story was picked up widely on the internet and to some extent by mainstream press.[2] That story and their continued exclusive coverage of the scandal in large part brought international exposure to the fledgling sex news site.

Since then the site has become regular reading for many on the internet seeking information about entertainment, actors and actresses, Bollywood, prostitution, women's rights, sex and religion, human trafficking, HIV/AIDS and other health issues all presented in a lifestyle fashion and on sex in Asia.

However, objections have been raised about advertisements on the site that link to pornographic web sites. In addition, the Asian Sex Gazette has reprinted articles from other news sources in full without permission, violating copyright law. Objections have been raised to this practice, particularly by authors who do not want their work to appear on sites that display advertisements for pornography.[3]


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