Asian TV Cup

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Asian TV Cup
Full name Asian TV Cup
Started 1989
Sponsors NHK

The Asian TV Cup is a Go competition.


The Asian TV Cup is the oldest continental tournament, dating back to 1989. The winners and runner up's of the biggest hayago competitions from Asia (Japan: NHK Cup, Korea: KBS Cup, China: CCTV Cup) battle in the biggest hayago tournament of all.

Past winners[edit]

Year Player
Details1989 Japan Takemiya Masaki
Details1990 Japan Takemiya Masaki
Details1991 Japan Takemiya Masaki
Details1992 Japan Takemiya Masaki
Details1993 Japan Yoda Norimoto
Details1994 Japan Ōtake Hideo
Details1995 South Korea Lee Chang-ho
Details1996 South Korea Lee Chang-ho
Details1997 China Yu Bin
Details1998 Japan Yoda Norimoto
Details1999 Japan Yoda Norimoto
Details2000 South Korea Cho Hunhyun
Details2001 South Korea Cho Hunhyun
Details2002 South Korea Lee Chang-ho
Details2003 China Zhou Heyang
Details2004 China Yu Bin
Details2005 Japan Cho U
Details2006 China Wang Xi
Details2007 South Korea Lee Sedol
Details2008 South Korea Lee Sedol
Details2009 China Kong Jie
Details2010 China Kong Jie
Details2011 China Kong Jie
Details2012 South Korea Paek Hongsuk
Details2013 Japan Iyama Yuta
Details2014 South Korea Lee Sedol
Details2015 South Korea Lee Sedol
Details2016 China Li Qincheng
Details2017 South Korea Na Hyun
2018 South Korea Kim Jiseok

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