Asian Tennis Federation

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Asian Tennis Federation
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Members of ATF
Type Sport Association
Headquarters Continental Federations
Region served
44 Asian nations
Anil Khanna

The Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) is a non-profit organization affiliated with the International Tennis Federation. It is a continental body of national tennis associations of Asian countries. The ATF's main objectives are to raise the standard of Asian tennis and to popularize tennis sport among the people of Asia. There are currently 44 member associations who represents their respective nations. The ATF works closely with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and supports its member associations through the implementation of a wide range of programs.

Membership – National Federations[edit]

Board of directors[edit]

The Board of Director is the elected group of members from national tennis bodies of Asian nations, the current list of members is:[1]-

Name Designation
Anil Kumar Khanna President
Sheikh Ahmad Al–Jaber Al Sabah Honorary Chairman
Martina Widjaja Vice President

(Juniors & Development)

Syed Dilawar Abbas Vice President

(South Asia)

Sun Jin-fang Vice-President

(East Asia)

Suwat Liptapanlop Vice-President

(South-East Asia)

Nasser Al-Khelaifi Vice-President

(West Asia)

Shomurad Shofayziev Vice President

(Central Asia)

Surendran Subramaniam Honorary Secretary General
Ishtiaq Ahmed Member
Ajay Pathak Member
Alizera Khorooshi Member
Naohiro Kawatei Member
Adil Burlibayev Member


Asia is the most populous continent but tennis still remains a sport under development. Besides a couple of nations like India, China, Japan and Thailand who have produced some world class players, tennis does not have a very long and fruitful history. There are 289 futures and challengers in a year in Europe, while Asia in comparison only has 61 of these tournaments. Even South America has 81, where there are only ten states and where players from the other World rarely go due to remoteness.[2]

Sponsors of ATF[edit]

This is a list of official sponsors of ATF:[3]


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