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Asianet Satellite Communications Limited
Type Cable television network
Branding ACV
Country India
Availability Kerala
Headquarters Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Owner Rajan Raheja Group, Mumbai
Official website,

ACV is a cable television network in Kerala, India, known earlier as Asianet Cable Vision. Earlier a sister concern of Asianet TV, which provided services on cable TV, broadband internet connections, web hosting and VoIP services, it operates the Media Division with six channels in Kerala.

The ACV group of channels operate six channels, namely ACV, Rosebowl, Jukebox, Medley, ACV News and ACV Utsav. The channels form the media division of Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd., the largest cable network services and broadband internet company in Kerala.

The company is wholly owned and promoted by the Rajan Raheja Group.

ACV channels[edit]

ACV ACV, the flagship channel, was created in 1997 with a mix of programmes and shows that was beamed to few towns initially for less than 12 hours. Today, the channel is available across most of the major towns and cities in Kerala with 24X7 programming. The channel airs programmes in categories of News & Current Affairs, General Entertainment with a blend of Movies, Music, Infotainment, Lifestyle, Spiritual messages, etc in Malayalam. 40 editions of News bulletins are aired simultaneously across Kerala. Many Events of Regional and Local interest in Kerala are beamed Live and available with Local Telecast and/or All-Kerala feed.The channel airs 3 Movies daily with 3 News bulletins. [ Position - ACV is Channel no.100 on Asianet Digital Cable service]

Rosebowl Rosebowl, the urban-centric channel was formed in 2007 with programming appealing to the Neo Indian, airing content in General Entertainment category with Movies and Music. The language is typically urban oriented with shows about Lifestyle, Travel, Infotainment. Music in different genres and in different languages had been the mainstay of the channel. The tagline of the channel is ‘Open your Mind’ [ Position- Rosebowl is Channel No.141 on Asianet Digital Cable service]

Jukebox Jukebox, the interactive channel was the first of its kind to be launched in 1999 in Kerala. Music and Comedy clips are the videos that can be selected by the viewers of the channel. Selection of video through a mobile phone or landline phone changed the way content could be viewed and continues to be a popular source of television entertainment with the delight of interactivity. Videos of the songs in Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, English, etc. and Funny Videos are arranged in the channel in different folders which can be navigated and selected by the viewer with a phone and tracking the navigation on the television screen. The channel with All-Kerala transmission airs a Movie, daily in the evenings.[ Position - Jukebox is Channel No.147 on Asianet Digital Cable service]

Medley Medley is another interactive channel similar to Jukebox, though instead of All-Kerala transmission, this is available in local / regional centers. This channel was created to meet the increased demand for another interactive channel. The content is Music and Comedy clips.[ Position - Medley is Channel No.148 on Asianet Digital Cable Service]

ACV News ACV News is a News & Current Affairs channel with 6 news bulletins per day. The news bulletins of the region as well as important news happenings from different locations in the state of Kerala are aired. The channel also airs News features, Entertainment news and Documentaries too.[ Position - ACV News is Channel No.120 on Asianet Digital Cable Service]

ACV Utsav ACV Utsav, the channel as the name suggests airs Festive events Live across Kerala. The channel telecasts Music of all genres during Non-Live time bands.[ Position - ACV Utsav is Channel No. 99 on Asianet Digital Cable service]

ACV, Rosebowl and Jukebox channels were monitored and rated as per audience measurement by TAM Media Research, the TV viewership analysis firm in India(till March 2015).

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