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Asier Etxeandia
Asier Etxeandía Premios Goya 2017 (cropped).jpg
Etxeandia at the 32nd Goya Awards in 2018
Asier Gómez Etxeandia

(1975-06-27) June 27, 1975 (age 44)
Bilbao, Spain

Asier Gómez Etxeandia (born 27 June 1975) is a Spanish actor, whose work encompasses television, theatre and cinema.


Asier Etxeandia took his first acting course in a Biscayan school.[1]

Asier Etxeandia left his native Basque Country and moved to Madrid when he was 20 years old. In Madrid he first worked as a sex shop assistant while also taking acting classes. In 1995, he debuted on TV as a contestant in the game show Uno para todas (Telecinco), presented by Goyo González. The production company Globomedia hired him for the first season of Un Paso Adelante, where he played Beni, a gay student who enrolls in a Performing Arts school to become an actor. Etxeandia left the series because he feared becoming typecast. In spite of this, he recognises that this role opened doors and got him his first friends in the business, among them actress Natalia Millán.[2]

Natalia Millán thought of him for the adaptation of musical play Cabaret, that she was also going to star in, offering him the role of Master of Ceremonies. In this production he also worked with Manuel Flag and Emilio Alonso León.

In film he landed a role in Pedro Almodóvar's Broken Embraces, a small role as a blind waiter that eventually was not included in the final cut, but which is included as additional content in the DVD release.

Etxeandia is openly gay.[3]



  • Dirty dishes, character episódico (2000)
  • A step forward, as Benito "Beni" López (2002)
  • Remember When, as Mateo (2004)
  • The commissioner, as Óscar; one episode: Secret to voices (2005)
  • The Serrano, as Tomás Cruz; one episode: I azuzo (2005)
  • Personal reasons, as David (2006)
  • Letters to Sorolla (2006)
  • Countdown, as Víctor; one episode: Street of Orpheus and Eurídice, 2. 21:38 hours (2008)
  • Question of sex, as Yago (2008)
  • Heirs, as Gorka (2008–2009)
  • The men of Paco, as Blackman (2009–2010)
  • Flight IL 8714, as Emilio. Miniseries (2010)
  • El ángel de Budapest (The Angel of Budapest), as Barrueta (2011)
  • The escape, as Miguel Reverte (2012)
  • Storm, as Carlos. Miniseries (2013)
  • Love is for ever, as Rubén Tudela (2013)
  • Velvet, as Raúl de la Riva (2014–2016)
  • Velvet Colección, as Raúl de la Riva (2017–present)

Feature films[edit]

  • The violet look, as Sergio. Dir. Nacho Pérez of the Peace and Jesús Ruiz (2004)
  • The Next Orient, as Abel. Dir. Fernando Colomo (2006)
  • Alone coffee or with them, as Javi. Dir. Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo (2006)
  • Las 13 rosas (The 13 roses), as Enrique. Dir. Emilio Martínez Lázaro (2007)
  • Siete minutos (Seven minutes), as Vicente. Dir. Daniela Fejerman (2008)
  • Lies and Fat, as Christ. Dir. Alfonso Albacete (2008)
  • King Conqueror, as Pascual Muñoz. Dir. José Antonio Escrivá, Félix Miguel and Pepón Sigler (2009)
  • El Capitán Trueno y el Santo Grial (Captain Thunder and the Holy Grail), as Hassan. Dir. Antonio Hernández (2011)
  • Los días no vividos, as Jaime. Dir. Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas (2012)
  • Musarañas (Shrew's Nest), as Jaime. Dir. Juanfer Andrés and Esteban Roel (2014)
  • Ma ma, as Julián. Dir. Julio Medem (2014)
  • La novia (The Bride), as The Groom. Dir. Paula Ortiz (2015)
  • La puerta abierta (The open door), as Lupita. Dir. Marina Seresesky (2015)
  • Dolor y Gloria (Pain and Glory), as Alberto Crespo. Dir. Pedro Almodóvar (2019)

Short films[edit]

  • After!, as Koldo. Dir. Oskar Bilbao (1996)
  • Give me another end. Dir. Nerea Castro (2000)
  • Vertexes, as Mario. Dir. Juanan Martínez (2004)
  • Unione European, as Tomás. Dir. Andrés M. Koppel (2007)
  • Final. Dir. Hugo Martín Crooked (2007)
  • Together. Dir. Gigi Romero (2009)
  • By always ham. Dir. Ruth Díaz (2014)


  • Nightclub (2003–2005)
  • The hell (2005)
  • The divine comedy, as Dante Alighieri (2005)
  • The dream of a night of summer, like Teseo and Oberón. Dir. Tamzin Towshend (2006–2007)
  • Baroque, like Valmont (2007)
  • The Mondays can expect (2008)
  • Hamlet (2009)
  • Medea (2009)
  • Homer, The Iliada, reading dramatizada. Dir. Andrea D'Odorico (2010)
  • The failure (2011)
  • The chunga. Dir. Aitana Sánchez-Gijón (2013)
  • The interpreter (2013)


  • Musical Nightclub, B.S.Or. (2003)
  • A ray of light, subject: But the world goes round (2006)
  • Play The dream of a night of summer, subjects: Song of Oberón and Tears of Rocío (2007)
  • Film The 13 roses, subject: J'attendrai (2007)
  • Baroque play, B.S.Or. (2007)
  • Play Hamlet, B.S.Or. (2009)
  • X1END: Together by the Sahara, subject: Simpathy for the devil, duet with Pastora (2009)
  • The transcendental step of the vodevil to the astracanada, subject: Why to me it costs me so much?, duet with Fangoria (2010)
  • Play Something of noise does, B.S.Or. (2011)
  • Collaboration in the song Third World of the disk The Motionless Trips of Nach (2014)

Prizes and nominations[edit]

Prizes Goya

Year Category Film Resulted
2015 Best Male Actor The girlfriend Nominated

Fotogramas of Silver

Year Category Work Resulted
2014 Best Actor Television Series Velvet Nominated
2013 Best Actor Theatre The Interpreter WON
2003 Best Actor Theatre Nightclub Nominated

Union of Actors

Year Category Work Resulted
2015 Best Actor Cinema The girlfriend Nominated
Best Supporting Actor TV series Velvet Nominated
2013 Best Actor Theatre The Interpreter WON
2011 Best Actor Theatre The failure WON
2007 Best Actor Theatre Baroque Nominated
2003 Best Actor disclosure Nightclub WON

Prizes Max

Year Category Play Resulted
2012 Best Actor The failure Nominated
2009 Best Actor Baroque Nominated
2005 Best Actor Hell Nominated

Prizes Ercilla

Year Category Play Resulted
2009 Best Actor Theatre Production Baroque WON

Spanish film festival of Málaga

Year Category Play Resulted
2009 Prize Renfe to new values of the Spanish cinema 7 minutes WON


  • Interview "to Play to Be" in Pastiche
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