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Asim Zeneli (1916–1943) was an Albanian partisan during WWII. His death against Italian troops in 1943 in Mezhgoran became a rallying point for LANÇ. Posthumously he was awarded the highest honour of the country, Hero of the People.[1]


Born in Progonat in the 1930s he studied at the Qemal Stafa High School, in Tirana, Albania.[2] and then at the Military Academy of Modena. In 1939 he was arrested during the anti-Italian protests after the invasion of Albania. A member of the Albanian Communist Party, in March 1943 he became commander of the "Hajredin Tremishti" platoon and in late June commissar of the "Koto Hoxhi" platoon. He died on July 2, 1943 against the Italian army during the capture of Përmet.


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