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Asim Zeneli (1916–1943) was an Albanian partisan during World War II. His death against Italian troops in 1943 in Mezhgoran became a rallying point for LANÇ. Posthumously he was awarded the highest honour of the country, Hero of the People.[1]


Born in Progonat in the 1930s he studied at the Qemal Stafa High School, in Tirana, Albania.[2] and then at the Military Academy of Modena. In 1939 he was arrested during the anti-Italian protests after the invasion of Albania. A member of the Albanian Communist Party, in March 1943 he became commander of the "Hajredin Tremishti" platoon and in late June commissar of the "Koto Hoxhi" platoon. He died on 2 July 1943 against the Italian army during the capture of Përmet.


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