Asisko Urmeneta

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Asisko Urmeneta
Asisko Urmeneta komikilaria.jpg
OccupationComic artist

Asisko Urmeneta Otsoa Irati, (born 1965), is a Navarrese comic strip writer, graffiti artist. He usually works in the Basque language.

He was born in Pamplona.[1]

In the blog "Kebawe", they present "Kleptomaniac, Passive Smoker, Microcephalic, fan of Sours Aire, bi-sexual and controversial Protestant.


Asisko Urmeneta, interview at Argia 2017

His first steps as a comic book author came in Napartheid. Afterwards, he made several press collaborations (mainly in Argia). He is a member of the Zazpiak Batman collective. He participates in the satirical magazine H28, and also draws for the magazine Xabiroi Ikastolen Elkartea.

He was doing caricatures for the ETB1 television channel. Together with Juanjo Elordi in 2011, Gartxot directed the film Early Conquest.[clarification needed]


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