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Ask is the active verb for a direct question.

Ask may also refer to:


  • Ask, Iran, a village in Mazandaran Province
  • Ask, Akershus, a village in Gjerdrum municipality, Akershus, Norway
  • Ask, Hordaland, a village in Askøy municipality, Hordaland, Norway
  • Ask, Buskerud, a village in Ringerike municipality, Buskerud, Norway



Other uses[edit]

  •, a social Q&A website
  •, a web search engine, formerly Ask Jeeves
  • Ask price, in finance markets
  • Ask and Embla, in Norse mythology
  • Ask (horse) (foaled 2003), a British Thoroughbred race horse
  • The Ask, a 2010 novel by Sam Lipsyte
  • Aşk, or Ishq, a Turkish language word for "love"

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