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Ask How India (AskHow) is a non-partisan campaign focused on improving the quality of political debate in India. The campaign attempts to elevate discussion over critical citizen's issues by asking the simple question – how?


Launched in January 2014, the Ask How India campaign was conceptualized by Yogesh Upadhyaya based in Mumbai, a former technology entrepreneur and stand-up comedian with a group called Improv Comedy Mumbai.[1] Yogesh is also a member on the Board of PRS Legislative Research, a public policy research institution.[2][3]


Ask How analyses and publishes info capsules on national issues and makes it available to citizens via social media and mass media.[4] Each info capsule is a concise analysis in infographic format (15-20 slides) along with supporting videos. Each info capsule ends with suggested "How?" questions to lead to an informed debate amongst citizens, media and politicians.[5] In its analysis, Ask How is guided by the principle of non-partisanship.

Ask How wants to get an increasingly involved citizenry to ask politicians how they intend to deliver on their promises. Ask How's campaign for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections has drawn young voters into a positive political dialogue on National Issues.[6]

They arranged a public debate platform where citizens can post their questions to the contesting candidates. These questions were forwarded to the candidates.[7]


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