Ask the Leyland Brothers

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Ask the Leyland Brothers
Created byMike and Mal Leyland
Theme music composerProvist Brothers
Opening themeAsk the Leyland Brothers
Country of originAustralia
Original language(s)English
No. of series5
No. of episodes153
Original networkNine Network
Original release1976 – 1980

Ask the Leyland Brothers was an Australian television show that screened between 1976 and 1980, covering 153 episodes. The series followed the Leyland brothers, Mike and Mal, who traveled across Australia and New Zealand in response to questions posed by viewers.


Prior to embarking on Ask the Leyland Brothers, the Leylands had made three feature films and two previous television series. The films Down the Darling, Wheels across a Wilderness and Open Boat to Adventure were produced between 1963 and 1967, and followed the brothers on three journeys across different parts of Australia.[1] The television series, Off the Beaten Track and Trekabout, were produced during the early to mid-1970s.[1]

Inspiration for the new series came from You Asked for It,[citation needed] a US series in which Art Baker would fulfill requests from viewers that were sent in via postcards. The series was broadcast in Australia during the 1970s.[2] Ask the Leyland Brothers was intended to follow a similar format, with viewers nominating places which the Leyland brothers would visit and cover in each episode.[2] According to Mike Leyland, the plan was for readers to feel involved when their names were read out, thus causing them to encourage their "mates" to watch the show as well.[3]


In order to get things started, in 1976 the brothers filmed an initial preview episode which mapped out the format, and placed a full page advertisement in the popular TV Week magazine.[2] The format proved to be successful, and one stage the show had 2.5 million viewers.[4]

Initially the brothers traveled in an orange Volkswagen Kombi (later upgraded to a pair of 4WD vehicles), and the show was filmed in Super 8.[2] The film format combined with their "Beatles's style" haircuts and onscreen manner gave the show a "home-spun" feel.[4]


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