Askar Dzhumadildayev

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Askar Dzhumadildayev
Born Askar Serkulovich Dzhumadildayev
(1956-02-25) 25 February 1956 (age 62)
Shieli, Kyzylorda Oblast, Kazakhstan
Residence Kazakhstan
Nationality Kazakh
Alma mater Moscow State University
Scientific career
Fields mathematics, algebra
Thesis Сohomologies of Lie algebras of positive characteristic and their applications (1988)
Doctoral advisor Alexei Kostrikin

Askar Dzhumadildayev (Kazakh: Асқар Жұмаділдаев; born 25 February 1956) is a Kazakh mathematician, doctor of physics and mathematics, professor, Full Member of the Kazakhstan National Academy of Science.[2] He was also member Supreme Council of Kazakh SSR and Republic of Kazakhstan.


Early life[edit]

Askar Serkululy Dzhumadilyavev was born on 25 April 1956 in Shieli, Kyzylorda Region, Kazakhstan. He was the member of the 51st IMO Jury.[3]

Scientific degrees[edit]

1977 – M.A. in Mathematics (Moscow State University)
1981 – Ph.D. in Mathematics (Steklov Institute of Mathematics)
1988 – 2nd Ph.D. in Mathematics (Steklov Institute of Mathematics)
1990 – Professor of Kazakh State University
1995 – Corresponding Member of the National Kazakh Academy of Sciences
2004 – Full Member of the National Kazakh Academy of Sciences

Professional experience[edit]

  • 1980-90 Junior, senior,leading Researcher of the Institute of Mathematics, Kazakh SSR Academy of Sciences.
  • 1990– Head of algebra laboratory

Visiting positions[edit]

Awards and grants[edit]

1983 – Prize of Republic Counsel for Science and Technology
1993–1995 – Grants of American Mathematical Society,International Science Foundation (Soros Foundation) INTAS (International association for the Promotion of Cooperation with Scientists from former USSR)
1995–1996 – Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship
1999–2004 – Grant of Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences
1999 – Grant of JSPS (Japan Soc. Promotion of Sciences)
2000–2003 – Grant of INTAS
2000–2004 – Kazakh State Fellowship for distinguished scholars
2007, 2016 – Grant of Kazakh Ministry of Education "Best professor of Higher School"
2011–2012 – Kazakh State Fellowship for distinguished scholars
2011 – State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in science and technology
2012 – International Khwarizmi Award (Islamic Republic of Iran)

Selected publications[edit]