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Burzum aske.jpg
EP by
ReleasedMarch 1993 (1993-03)
RecordedSeptember 1992
StudioGrieg Hall, Bergen, Norway
GenreBlack metal
LabelDeathlike Silence
ProducerCount Grishnackh, Pytten
Burzum chronology
Det som engang var

Aske (Norwegian for Ashes) is an EP by Norwegian black metal solo project Burzum. Though recorded in April and August 1992, after Det som engang var, it was released before that album in March 1993, through Deathlike Silence Productions.


The cover is a photograph of the Fantoft Stave Church after its arson on 6 June 1992. Varg Vikernes was strongly suspected of burning the church, and the photograph is widely believed to have been taken by Vikernes himself.[1][2]

Bass guitar on two of the tracks is performed by Samoth of the band Emperor.[1]

A tape version featuring the old title of the release Inn I Drømmens Slott (Norwegian for "Into the Castle of Dreams") were made by Varg and spread by him and Samoth, the album was initially intended to be released on Varg's personal label called "Burz-Nazg Prod" (later Cymophane) before the Deathlike Silence Prod. pressing.[3]


The first 1000 copies of Aske were packaged with a lighter bearing the same image.[4]

Aske was later re-released as Burzum / Aske alongside the songs from Burzum's debut album.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Count Grishnackh.

1."Stemmen fra tårnet" ("The Voice from the Tower")6:09
2."Dominus Sathanas" ("Master Satan")3:02
3."A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit"10:51
Total length:20:02



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