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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Brachiopoda
Class: Paterinita
Order: Paterinida
Family: Cryptotretidae
Genus: Askepasma
Laurie, 1986

Askepasma is an extinct brachiopod which existed in what is now Australia and southern China during the Lower Cambrian. It was described by Laurie in 1986, and the type species is A. toddense. Other species are A. transversalis, described from Guizhou, China by Peng et al. in 2010, and A. saproconcha, which was described by Timothy P. Topper et al. in 2012.[1] A. saproconcha is the oldest known southern Australian brachiopod from the lower Cambrian.[1]


  • Askepasma toddense Laurie, 1986
  • Askepasma transversalis Peng et al., 2010
  • Askepasma sapproconcha Topper et al., 2012


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