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Asker SK
Full name Asker Skiklubb
Sport alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, association football, orienteering, ski orienteering, biathlon, track and field athletics, kayaking, volleyball
Founded 14 December 1889 (1889-12-14)
Based in Asker, Norway

Asker Skiklubb is a sports club from Asker, Norway.

It was founded on 14 December 1889, and as the name suggests, was initially a cross country skiing and ski jumping club. Today, however, it has a large number of individuals (~5000 members) and teams participating in a wide variety of sports - winter and summer as well as sea- and land-based sports. These include alpine skiing, track and field, cross country skiing, ski jumping, orienteering, volleyball, football, team handball, kayak, and biathlon.[1]


Its football section is one of Norway's largest, with the senior women's team annually contending for the national title for many years, until it was moved. The men's team plays in Adeccoligaen from 2011.


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