Askeri İnzibat

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The Askeri İnzibat or AS.İZ military police constitute a very small dedicated force which handles military security and military crimes. Their area of jurisdiction is generally limited to military bases. Their competence to identify and arrest military criminals in civilian areas (draft dodgers and deserters) has been transferred to Gendarmerie and police units. Some of the other duties they perform are, protection and VIP detail provided to important bases or commanders, control of traffic inside the bases and providing security in military courts. They can be identified using the very obvious “AS. İZ.”, printed in large letters across the front of their helmets.

The Askeri İnzibat is not to be confused with the larger Turkish Gendarmerie (Jandarma Genel Komutanlığı), which is responsible for maintaining law and order in rural areas which do not fall under the jurisdiction of regular police forces.