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Coordinates: 55°03′N 2°42′W / 55.05°N 2.7°W / 55.05; -2.7

Askerton Castle

Askerton is a civil parish in the City of Carlisle district of Cumbria, England. It has a population of 162 according to the 2001 census, decreasing to 141 at the 2011 Census.[1] It includes various hamlets including Kirkcambeck and Shopford. It also covers Side Fell and Askerton Castle.

The parish was originally a township of Lanercost parish.


The name probably means 'Ásgeirr's tūn.' [2]'Ásgeirr' is a Scandinavian personal name, while tūn is Old English for 'farmstead, estate' or, if the place prospered, 'village'. So, 'the estate of Ásgeirr'.


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