Askia Musa

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Askia Musa
Emperor of the Songhai Empire
Reign 1529 – 1531
Predecessor Askia al-hajj Muhammad (ruled 1493–1529)
Successor Askia Muhammad Bonkana
Died 1531
Mansur[1] or Mansoûra[2]
Issue None[3]
Dynasty Askia Dynasty
Father Askia al-hajj Muhammad
Mother Kamsa[4]
Extent of the Songhai Empire, circa 1500.

Askia Musa or Askiya Musa (ruled 1529–1531) was the 2nd Soninke ruler of the Songhai Empire.

Towards the end of his reign, Askia Muhammad had become increasingly dependant on Ali Fulan, the Hugu-koray-koi (Master of the Palace interior). On one occasion, Ali advised that his young son Balla be appointed to the vacant position of Benga-farma. When the older sons of Askia heard about this, they were angered as the post of Benga was very prestigious. Musa in particular was angry at his father and with Ali Fulan, he claimed that Askia did nothing but what Ali told him.

Askia had become blind, and none of the sons were aware of it because Ali Fulan stuck so close to his side (at this time blindness would have disqualified a ruler as he would have been expected to lead his army into battle, as well as being a bad omen).

Musa resolved to depose his aging father Askia Mohammad I, this he achieved on 15 Aug 1529 in a bloodless coup.[5] He then battled to retain his position, killing a number of his brothers and between 25 and 35 of his cousins.[2] In 1531 a group of his brothers plotted against him and killed him.[1][2]


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