Aslan bey Safikurdski

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Aslan bey Safikurdski
Aslan bəy Səfikürdski
Aslan bey Sakikurdski.jpg
Minister of Labor and Justice of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR)
In office
April 14, 1919 – December 22, 1919
President Fatali Khan Khoyski Prime Minister, (Chairman of Azerbaijani Parliament)
Preceded by office established
Minister of Postal Service and Telegraph of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR)
In office
December 26, 1918 – March 14, 1919
Preceded by Agha Ashurov
Succeeded by Jamo bey Hajinski
Personal details
Born 1881 (1881)
Ganja, Azerbaijan
Died 1937 (1938) (aged 56)
Baku, Azerbaijan
Religion Islam

Aslan bey Safikurdski Aghalar bey oglu (Azerbaijani: Aslan bəy Səfikürdski Ağalar bəy oğlu; 1881–1937), also known as Aslan bey Safikurdlu (Azerbaijani: Aslan bəy Səfikürdlü) was an Azerbaijani statesman who served as the Minister of Labor and Justice of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and Minister of Postal Service and Telegraph of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, and was member of Azerbaijani National Council and later Parliament of Azerbaijan.

Early years[edit]

Safikurdski was born in Ganja, Azerbaijan in 1881. After completing his studies at Ganja Gymnasium, he left for Saint Petersburg to attend Saint Petersburg State University. In 1905, he graduated from the Law Department of the university and returned to Ganja becoming the co-chair of Muslim Charity Society and chairman of Actors Society. Throughout his career, Safikurdski worked as the chief prosecutor in Elisabethpol and Shusha uyezds.[1]

Political career[edit]

With the establishment of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, Safikurdski was elected member to the Executive Committee of Ganja Uyezd.[1] On June 18, 1918 he was a part of the diplomatic delegation of Azerbaijan along with Musavat leader Mammad Amin Rasulzade, Khalil Khasmammadov, Akbar agha Sheykhulislamov which was sent to the conference in Istanbul to seek alliance with the Ottoman government.[2] On December 26, 1918 when the third cabinet of ADR was formed, he was appointed Minister of Postal Service and Telegraph.[3] The third government was dismissed on March 14, 1919. With formation of the fourth cabinet of ADR, Safikurdski was appointed the Minister of Labor and Justice. He's often credited for his labor reforms and salary increased for government workers.[4]

After Bolshevik takeover of Azerbaijan on April 28, 1920 Safikurdski held various positions within the legal system of Azerbaijan, among them a position of a Deputy Commissar at the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan SSR and legal council to Azeroil Union.[5] He died from long term illness in 1937.[1]

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