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Portraits of Aslaug Vaa

Aslaug Vaa (August 25, 1889 – November 28, 1965) was a Norwegian poet and playwright.


Aslaug Vaa was born on Nystog in Rauland, in Telemark county, Norway. Her lyrical debut was Nord i leite (1934). She was married to Norwegian psychologist and writer Ola Raknes.

Her poem So rodde dei fjordan ("then they rowed the fjords") was frequently recited on radio, has been selected for several anthologies, and is made a song with melody by Geirr Tveitt. Vaa's poetry and writing contains elements from local tradition, landscape and language, but also international influence.[1]

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  • 1938 Steinguden
  • 1947 Tjugendagen
  • 1965 Honningfuglen og leoparden
  • 1966 Munkeklokka


  • 1934 Nord i leite
  • 1935 Skuggen og strendan
  • 1936 Villarkonn
  • 1939 På vegakanten
  • 1947 Fotefár
  • 1954 Skjenkarsveinens visurry
  • 1963 Bustader


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