Asmik-kun World 2

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Asmik-kun World 2
Asmik-kun World 2
Cover art
Developer(s) Cyclone System
Publisher(s) Asmik Ace Entertainment
Composer(s) Dota Ando[1]
Series Asmik-kun World
Platform(s) Game Boy
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single-player

Asmik-kun World 2 (アスミッくん ワールド 2 Asumikkun Wārudo 2) is a Game Boy video game by Asmik, copyrighted in 1991.Unlike its predecessor, Boomer's Adventure in ASMIK World (Teke! Teke! Asmik-kun World), this game was never released outside Japan. Like its predecessor, the game is an excellent example of the trap-em-up genre, which also includes games like Heiankyo Alien and Space Panic.

In the game, Asmik-kun has to build a "road" from the entrance to the exit in each level. An enemy has come to kidnap the children on a certain world and the "roads" are intended for the children to be rescued and escorted safely back home.[3]


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