Asnæs Power Station

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Asnæs Power Station
Asnæsværket (Kalundborg, Denmark).JPG
The Asnæs Power Station
Asnæs Power Station is located in Denmark
Asnæs Power Station
Location of Asnæs Power Station within Denmark
Country Denmark
Location Kalundborg
Coordinates 55°39′40.7″N 11°04′44.2″E / 55.661306°N 11.078944°E / 55.661306; 11.078944Coordinates: 55°39′40.7″N 11°04′44.2″E / 55.661306°N 11.078944°E / 55.661306; 11.078944
Status Operational
Commission date 1959
Owner(s) DONG Energy
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Tertiary fuel Fuel oil
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 1,057 MW

The Asnæs Power Station (Danish: Asnæsværket) is a coal-fired power plant operated by DONG Energy in Kalundborg, Denmark. It consists of three active units, which deliver 147 MW (Unit 2), 270 MW (Unit 4) and 640 MW (Unit 5). Unit 3 went in service in 1959 and uses a 152.1-metre-tall (499 ft) flue gas stack, while Unit 5, which went into service in 1981, uses a 220.1-metre-tall (722 ft) flue gas stack, the third tallest in Denmark. Its two 60m high coal cranes were dismantled in 2016.[1]

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