Aso Kujū National Park

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Aso Kujū National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Kuju Mountains 03.JPG
Kujū Flower Gardens and Kujū Mountains
Location Kyūshū, Japan
Coordinates 32°53′06″N 131°06′15″E / 32.88500°N 131.10417°E / 32.88500; 131.10417Coordinates: 32°53′06″N 131°06′15″E / 32.88500°N 131.10417°E / 32.88500; 131.10417
Area 726.78 km²
Established 4 December 1934

Aso Kujū National Park (阿蘇くじゅう国立公園 Aso Kujū Kokuritsu Kōen?) is a national park in Kumamoto and Ōita Prefectures, Japan. The park derives its name from Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan, and the Kujū mountains.[1][2]


Established as Aso National Park in 1934, in 1986 after extension the park was renamed Aso Kujū National Park.[3]

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