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Also known as Smith & Pledger
Genres Trance, Progressive Trance
Occupation(s) Producer
Labels Anjunabeats

Aspekt is an alias/project of Oliver Smith and Mark Pledger, who are better known in the electronic dance music community as Smith & Pledger. To date, they have released three singles under the Anjunabeats record label, although ANJ-006 (Aspekt - Mobetta/Something Else) was produced entirely by Oliver Smith, as so credited on the vinyl release.



  • Mobetta (2002)
  • Something Else (2002)
  • Northern Lights (2005)
  • Hi-Jack (2006)
  • White / Black (2006)


  • Tranquility Base - Razorfish (Aspekt's Chillout Remix) (2002)
  • Smith and Pledger - Forever (Aspekt Mix) (2004)
  • Kaste - Desert Eagle (Smith & Pledger remix) (2005)
  • Luminary - Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix) (2010)

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