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Aspen Art Museum
Aspen Art Museum by Shigeru Ban.jpg
Aspen Art Museum Building designed by architect Shigeru Ban
Established 1979 (1979)
Location 637 E. Hyman Avenue
Aspen, Colorado
United States
Coordinates 39°11′37″N 106°49′00″W / 39.19361°N 106.81667°W / 39.19361; -106.81667Coordinates: 39°11′37″N 106°49′00″W / 39.19361°N 106.81667°W / 39.19361; -106.81667
Type Contemporary art museum
Director Heidi Zuckerman

Founded in 1979, the Aspen Art Museum (AAM) is a non-collecting contemporary art museum located in Aspen, Colorado. AAM exhibitions include drawings, paintings, sculptures, multimedia installations and electronic media.[1]

Aspen Art Museum Building[edit]

Previously housed in a converted hydroelectric plant at 590 North Mill Street, the Aspen Art Museum (AAM) opened its new facility to the public at 637 East Hyman Avenue on August 9, 2014, .[2] The building is designed by architect Shigeru Ban, recipient of the 2014 Pritzker Prize for Architecture.[3] It is Ban's first US museum to be constructed. The 33,000-square-foot, four-level facility houses eight exhibition spaces: six gallery spaces, a roof top sculpture garden, and an outdoor commons. There are five main architectural features within the building's design plan: Grand Stair, Moving Glass Room Elevator, Woven Wood Screen, Wood Roof Truss and Walkable Skylights.[4]


The Aspen Art Museum is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.[5] The museum is a member institution of the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD), which represents directors of art museums throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.[6] In March 2009, the AAM joined other Aspen area businesses through becoming certified under a jointly run City of Aspen Environmental Health Department and Canary Initiative “ZGreen” program. Environmental efforts undertaken by the AAM through the ZGreen program include recycling, composting, and zero waste events.[7]


Current and Upcoming Exhibitions
Name Title Dates
Lutz Bacher October 21, 2014 - January 25, 2015
Sarah Lucas Florian and Kevin October 21, 2014 - January 25, 2015
Rosemarie Trockel Less Sauvage than Others August 9 - October 26, 2014
Tomma Abts Mainly Drawings August 9 - October 26, 2014
David Hammons/Yves Klein Yves Klein/ David Hammons August 9 - November 30, 2014
Past Exhibitions
Name Title Dates
Shigeru Ban Humanitarian Architecture August 2- October 5, 2014
Colorado Mineralogy August 2- October 5, 2014
Cai Guo-Qiang Black Lightning August 2, 2014
Cai Guo-Qiang Moving Ghost Town August 9 - October 5, 2014
Ernesto Neto Gratitude June 6 - September 2, 2014
Amy Sillman one lump or two February 14 - May 18, 2014
Young Curators of the Roaring Fork: Escape January 25, 2014 - February 2, 2014
Trapping Lions In The Scottish Highlands November 15, 2013 - February 2, 2014
Holt Quentel November 15, 2013 - January 19, 2014
Teresita Fernandez November 23 - September 2, 2014
2013 Roaring Fork Open October 4–27, 2013
Lorna Simpson July 26 - September 22, 2013
Hayley Tompkins July 26 - September 22, 2013
Rob Pruitt An American Folk Artist May 3 - July 14, 2013
Thea Djordjadze May 3 - July 14, 2013
Tom Sachs Miffy Fountain and My Melody February 20 - September 8, 2013
Morgan Fisher December 14, 2012 - February 3, 2013
Dave Muller November 22, 2012 - July 1, 2013
Young Curators of the Roaring Fork Plugged In January 26 - February 3, 2013
BLOCK, PILLAR, SLAB, BEAM December 14, 2012 - January 20, 2013
Monika Sosnowska February 15 - April 21, 2013
Kathrin Sonntag Green Doesn't Matter When You're Blue February 15 - April 21, 2013
Mark Grotjahn February 17 - April 29, 2012
Ian Kiaer Melnikov Project February 17 - April 22, 2012
Young Curators of the Roaring Fork Re- April 27 - May 4, 2012
Jay Heikes Buried in the Bright February 17 - May 3, 2012
The Residue of Memory May 11 - July 15, 2012
Simon Denny Full Participation May 18 - July 15, 2012
Kay Rosen Construction Zone June 2012 - May 2013
Mungo Thomson Levitating Mass July 2012 - September 3, 2012
Lucio Fontana Ceramics July 27 - October 7, 2012
Amelie von Wulffen 2012 Jane and Marc Nathanson Distinguished Artist in Residence July 27 - October 7, 2012
Continental Drift October 19 - November 25, 2012
Mark Manders Parallel Occurrences/ Documented Assignments February 18 – May 1, 2011
Young Curators of the Roaring Fork May 6, 2011 – May 15, 2011
The Anxiety of Photography May 13, 2011 – July 11, 2011
Cathy Wilkes May 19 – July 17, 2011
Haegue Yang 2011 Jane and Marc Nathanson Distinguished Artist in Residence July 29 – Oct 9, 2011
Stephen Shore July 29, 2011 – October 9, 2011
Roaring Fork Open 2011 October 21, 2011 - November 20, 2011
Slater Bradley December 9, 2011 – February 5, 2012
Huma Bhabha December 9. 2011 – February 5, 2012
Mamma Andersson December 10, 2010 – February 6, 2011
Roger Hiorns December 10, 2010 – February 6, 2011
Susan Philipsz December 12, 2010 - February 21, 2011
Mark Bradford
Louise Bourgeois, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Robert Gober, David Hammons, and Kiki Smith Disembodied
Dave McKenzie
Young Curators of the Roaring Fork Person
Allora & Calzadilla, Pawel Althamer, Marc Bijl, Lara Favaretto, Geof Oppenheimer, Lars Ramberg, Frances Stark, and Mark Wallinger. Restless Empathy
Marlo Pascual 2010 Jane and Marc Nathanson Distinguished Artist in Residence.
Sergej Jensen A collaborative exhibition with 7 local arts organizations: The Red Brick Arts Center, Carbondale Clay Center, CMC Ceramics Studio, Glenwood Center for the Arts, Aspen Chapel Gallery, and SAW Gallery and Studio. October 21 – November 28, 2010
Jim Hodges
Mai-Thu Perret
Peter Coffin 2009 Jane and Marc Nathanson Distinguished Artist in Residence
Doug Aitken, Bas Jan Ader, Marcel Broodthaers, Guy Ben-Ner, Trisha Donnelly, Nancy Graves, Henrik Håkansson, David Noonan, Paul Pfeiffer, and Diana Thater. No Sound
Harrell Fletcher 2009 Old Fashioned Fourth of July AAM Float Artist
Fred Tomaselli
Roaring Fork Open
Claire Fontaine
Kris Martin
Jeremy Deller Marlon Brando, Pocahontas, and Me
Yan Lei
Catherine Sullivan, Cao Fei, A.L. Steiner + robbinschild and Saskia Olde Wolbers. Four Thursday Nights
Friedrich Kunath Rising vs. Setting
Aida Ruilova The Singles 1999−Now
Imaginary Thing
Sanford Biggers, Anne Collier, Jesper Just, Tim Lee, Euan Macdonald, Susan Philipsz, Ugo Rondinone, Melanie Schiff, and Wilhelm Sasnal. Unknown Pleasures
Phil Collins soy mi madre 2008 Jane and Marc Nathanson Distinguished Artist in Residence
Lisa Anne Auerbach
ARAC @ AAM Anderson Ranch at the Aspen Art Museum
Walead Beshty, Alexandra Bricken, Ceal Floyer, Tom Friedman, Felix Gonzales-Torres, Wade Guyton, Wolfgang Liab, Robert Morris, William O'brien, Mitzi Pederson, Dieter Roth, Robert Ryman, Fred Sandback, Anna Sew Hoy, Gedi Sibony, Rudolf Stingel, Lawerence Weiner, Jennifer West, and Erwin Wurm. Now You See It
Chiho Aoshima, Polly Apfelbaum, Hernan Bas, Sarah Cain, Ernesto Caivano, Tony Feher, Torben Giehler, Henriette Grahnert, Mark Grotjahn, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Uwe Henneken, Jim Hodges, Byron Kim, Peter McDonald, Kelly McLane, Elizabeth Peyton, Brett Cody Rogers, Mindy Shapiro, Jessica Stockholder, and Andro Wekua. Like Color in Pictures
Tonico Lemos Auad
Kota Ezawa, Deimantas Narkevicius, Pawel Wojtasik, and David Hammons. Four Thursday Nights
Nicole Wermers Masse und Auflösung
Koo Jeong-A 2007 AAM Distinguished Artist in Residence
Nicolau Vergueiro 2007 Old Fashioned Fourth of July AAM Float Artist
Avner Ben Gal Sudden Poverty
Matthew Barney, Anne Chu, Keith Edmier, Teresita Fernández, Jorge Pardo (installation artist), Tobias Rehberger, Thomas Scheibitz, Kathy Schimert, and Ricky Swallow. Sculptors Drawing
Lily van der Stokker and David Shirgley. To the Wall
Roaring Fork Open
Karen Kilimnik
Richard Tuttle A Room for 3 People
Simon Evans How to get about
Yutaka Sone X-Art Show
Laylah Ali, Janine Antoni, Matthew Barney, Anne Collier, Marlene Dumas, Lella Essaydi, Ellen Gallagher, Christopher Garrett, David Hutcher, Adam Helms, Chris Johanson, Annette Kelm, Jim Lambie, Mariko Mori, Wangechi Mutu, Yositomo Nara, Kristin Oppenheim, Ugo Rondione, Kay Rosen, Sterling Ruby, Thomas Scheibitz, David Shirgley, James Surls, Fred Tomaselli, and Chris Vasell. Having New Eyes
Malik Gaines, Jade Gordon, Andy Ouchi, and Alexandro Segade. My Barbarian
Diana Thater, T. Kelly Mason, Yang Fudong, and Johanna Billing. Four Thursday Nights
Doug Aitken A Photographic Survey
Nathan Mabry 2006 Old Fashioned Fourth of July AAM Float Artist
Pedro Reyes Recyclone
Slater Bradley, Paul Chan, Sarah Charlesworth, Adam Chodzko, Julie Mehretu, Brent Steen, and Artur Zmijewski. Belief and Doubt
Javier Téllez 2006 Jane and Marc Nathanson Distinguished Artist in Residence
Amy Adler Make Believe
Markus Schinwald

Residency Programs[edit]

The Gabriela and Ramiro Garza Distinguished Artist in Residence Program[edit]

The AAM's Distinguished Artist in Residence Program was first established in 2006. The Aspen Art Museum’s annual artist in residency program brings artists to Aspen, Colorado, to work on creating a new body of work, which will ultimately be exhibited in the AAM galleries. Artists in residence hold a gallery walkthrough and a lecture as part of their residency.[8][9]

Education Programming[edit]

The AAM provides educational and public programming, including community-based programming through art workshops, public lecture events, guided tours of museum exhibitions and private collections,[10] and member art trips.[11]

Exhibition in a Box

Launched as a pilot program in 2007, Exhibition in a Box is tied to National Standards of Learning and focuses on object-based learning, the creative process, visual literacy and critical thinking skills. The program is available to all public and private elementary schools located within a 2-½ hour drive of Aspen. Following a museum representative’s visit to the classroom, the program continues with a museum field trip where students tour the facility, meet museum staff, and see in-person the works of the artists discussed at their school.[12]

Education Workshops

Over the course of nine weeks each summer, the AAM offers art workshops for children using museum exhibitions as a foundation.

Young Curators of the Roaring Fork

The AAM’s Young Curators of the Roaring Fork program brings together high school students from Aspen to Rifle, Colorado, to curate an exhibition of artwork by their peers. Participants in the program learn the process of exhibiting contemporary artwork—from identifying a theme and soliciting work, to promoting and installing a museum-quality exhibition. Throughout the academic year, the Young Curators meet with museum staff, attend museum functions, and visit with artists to gain the knowledge necessary to curate and administrate their own exhibition.[13]

The Questrom Education Fund

The Questrom Education Fund was established in 2012. The QEF provides for education-based outreach programs.[10]

Family Workshops

Offered on select Saturdays, families create hands-on art projects

Story Art

Held once a month at area libraries, this program introduces children to the basic foundations of art through storybooks, looking activities, and hands-on art projects.

Art Studio

Art Studio is an ongoing program held from September–June, designed to explore art through three age levels: 2–5 years olds, K-4th grade, 5th - 8th grade.

Teacher’s Workshops

Designed especially for educators, these workshops introduce current exhibitions and provide learning tools to integrate contemporary art into classroom curriculum.

Public Programming[edit]

The Questrom Lecture Series

Questrom Lecture Series events include lectures and public discussions with visiting artists, important scholars, curators, and critics.[10]

Sunday Cinema

Sunday Cinema is a moving image program series, presenting various formats of film on the last Sunday of each month.

Art Matters! Television Program

“Art Matters!” is the AAM’s bi-weekly half-hour television program aired on Aspen’s GrassRootsTV12 local community television access station. “Art Matters!” episodes include in-studio conversations with renowned artists, curators, and arts professionals, virtual tours of galleries, private art collections, art fairs, and artists’ studios, as well as being available in streaming video and video-on-demand formats on the GrassRootsTV12 station web site.[14]

“Art Matters!” shows have included such guests as artists Doug Aitken, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Walead Beshty, Phil Collins, Harrell Fletcher, Jim Hodges, Friedrich Kunath, Yan Lei, Julie Mehretu, Jason Middlebrook, William O'Brien, Mai-Thu Perret, Catherine Sullivan, Fred Tomaselli, Richard Tuttle, and Mark Wallinger, architect Shigeru Ban, curators Ian Berry, Peter Eleey, Massimiliano Gioni, Sylvie Gilbert, Paul Ha, Jens Hoffmann, and John Hanhardt, as well as other art-world professionals.[15]

Architecture Lecture Series

The AAM Architecture Lecture Series (ALS) brings international architects to Aspen to discuss the role of public architecture in our society and how its form, style, and purpose impact our engineered landscapes.

Art In The Outdoors

The AAM offers a series of programs to explore art outdoors.

Collaborations and Outreach[edit]

The Aspen Art Museum collaborates with other Aspen area non-profits, businesses, community institutions and organizations, including: Anderson Ranch Arts Center,[16] Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Aspen Historical Society, Aspen Institute/Aspen Ideas Festival, Aspen Music Festival and School, Aspen Writer’s Foundation, Aspen Young Professional Association, City of Aspen Community Development Department, Colorado Mountain College, GrassRoots TV12,[14] Pitkin County Jail,[17] Pitkin County Library, Aspen Youth Center, Shining Stars, Pitkin Senior Center, Youth Recovery Center, Theatre Aspen and Aspen Music Festival and School.

Beginning in 2005, the AAM and the Aspen Skiing Company partnered to bring contemporary art to audiences by selecting contemporary artwork for each season’s lift-tickets. Artist-participants are: Yutaka Sone, Peter Doig (2006/07), Karen Kilimnik (2007/08), Jim Hodges (2008/09), Carla Klein (2009/10), Walter Niedermayr (2010/11), Mark Grotjahn (2011/12), David Shrigley (2012/13), Mark Bradford (2013/14), Anne Collier (2014/15).[18]

Special Events and Annual Benefits[edit]


ArtCrush is the AAM’s annual summer benefit. During ArtCrush, Nancy and Bob Magoon CEO and Director and Chief Curator Heidi Zuckerman presents an annual artist honoree with the Aspen Award for Art. The award is given to an artist who has either exhibited, or will exhibit, at the AAM. Aspen Award for Art honorees include: Ernesto Neto (2014), Teresita Fernandez (2013), Tom Sachs (2012), Roni Horn (2011), Marilyn Minter (2010), Fred Tomaselli, Ed Ruscha (2008), Jim Hodges(2007), Tony Feher (2006), and Richard Tuttle (2005).[20] [19]

The Now: A Dinner Dance

The Now is the Aspen Art Museum's annual winter benefit event held each year on December 28.[18]


The AAM is a member institution in the North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) membership program, which offers membership privileges at nearly 400 participating museums.[20] Effective January 1, 2010, additional reciprocal privileges are also in the Modern/Contemporary (Mod/Co) reciprocal member program of 39 internationally recognized institutions.

Aspen Art Press[edit]

Through the Aspen Art Press, the AAM publishes artist catalogues and monographs, archiving the AAM’s exhibitions and artist projects.[21]

Aspen Art Museum Shop[edit]

The Aspen Art Museum shop sells contemporary art publications, artist-designed products, jewelry, institutional items and children’s toys.[22]


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